Spring Has Sprung!

It is finally March, and the first day of Spring is right around the corner. I think after this particularly unpredictable winter, we definitely deserve the warm days and flowers that are getting closer and closer. I do not know about you, but as the earth awakens from its winter dormancy, my creative juices seem to kick into overdrive. All…

Painting With a Twist

Every day is a party at the Fairlawn Painting With a Twist, where artists offer easy-to-follow group painting classes. In this session, they painted some uniquely-Ohio images. This design is just one of roughly 8,000 pieces of art that the franchise offers (they're too cool—watch for their article in April)!

Tough as Milk

For many people, yoga is an art form. For some people, like Bilyana Simonoski, it is much more than that. It is a lifestyle. It is a therapeutic and healing force. That healing force has a very powerful and personal impact on Simonoski, who uses yoga as a vehicle for change in her nonprofit organization Tough as Milk. Through yoga,…

Shale Creek: Artful Entrées and Entertainment

Shale Creek Golf Club is a recognizable landscape in Medina. Its rolling greenery and clubhouse complete with a scenic patio overlook that offers a stunning view of Ohio sunsets have helped solidify it as a must-see destination in the golfing community. If you are not a golfer, though, you can still capitalize on the resort-like milieu to take a break…

Using Creativity to Enhance Culture

“I have always had a fascination with music,” says Simon Russell. “My dad was a radio disc jockey, so I've always been in the music scene.” Simon is a familiar face in Wadsworth. As the Store Manager of Larry's Music Center in the city's Downtown, he has helped establish a comfortable environment in which young people are welcome to come…

Are you addicted to sugar?

Have you ever uttered these words? My diet starts TODAY. I’ll start exercising TODAY. Yet by the end of the day, it begins to sound more like, MAYBE TOMORROW. Most of us have been there when trying to lose weight and get fit. You probably feel tired and lacking in motivation to accomplish those goals; however, it’s no longer a…

The Cosplay Queen


A lot of cosplayers hone their craft by designing and making costumes, complete with makeup, bodypaint, and props. Much to Medina County's credit, we are home to the Cosplay Queen herself.

BEF Grant Supports BHS Veteran’s Story Share Project

Kristin Perrin, a Brunswick High School senior Language Arts teacher, recently received a grant from the Brunswick Education Foundation (BEF) to help fund her project, A Veteran’s Story Share. This is the second time the project has taken place in Brunswick High School.

Lost to Found: It’s Okay to Not Know

It is often that as students move through high school - especially through junior and senior year - they become concerned for their future. In a society where high schoolers are pressured to choose a major for college and decide on a career path to follow before they graduate, students who do not know what truly interests them or know…

March 2017 Around Town

Shale Creek Golf Club will host a Dinner With A Show featuring The PopTarts, a 60's girl group that puts on an unforgettable show, on March 18 from 8 to 11 pm. Tickets are $25 per person and include a buffet dinner and hours of fun. To book a reservation call 330.723.8774.

Painting a Legacy

Richard Doyle is an artist of paint and words. The Medina-born artist and writer is a full time financial advisor—a Renaissance Man with the “ol' right-brain left-brain thingy going on.” What started out as a hobby has since solidified his art a revered piece of local culture.