Girl Power!

It's February, and love is in the air! While you may be conjuring up visions of Valentine's Day, it is just as easy to think of the love you have for the people around you. And nobody understands love like mothers, the unsung heroes of Midwestern small-town culture.

February 2017 Around Town

The Christmas Groove Benefit Holiday Concert raised $31,685.67 to be donated to Rahab Ministries. The annual concert strives to give back to Medina, Cuyahoga, and Summit counties, and this year it raised more than ever before thanks to the generosity of both the audience and participants.

Cleveland Henna

“Various cultures use henna in times of celebration,” says Kristina Haberek, owner of HennaMe and a Clevelander with a knack for design. 
She holds a BA in Art from Cleveland State University, and for years she has been providing individual and group henna services to the Northeast Ohio area. “I first saw henna being done at an arts festival in…

Cute, Comfortable, and Consigned

“I like the uniqueness,” Deja Vu of Wadsworth Manager Pam Lepley says of working at the consignment boutique. “It's not like going to the mall and seeing 20 of the same things... here, no two things are alike, and you are able to find something unique to your personal style.”

Winter Wonderland at Lodi Library

Lodi Library teamed up with Lodi Village and the Lodi Harrisville Historical Society to bring Santa to Medina County 
in December. Over 500 people gathered to greet him!

Fashion Forward

“I have been a professional tailor since 1969,” says Sami Boumadi, Owner of Boumadi Men's Clothier and Tailoring and Vera's Ladies Apparel. “It is my favorite thing to do... something I greatly enjoy. I work primarily at Boumadi, and Vera handles work with the ladies. However, we both work on both sides of the store, because we are both very…

Millennium Makes a Difference

There is a certain manner about Dr. Trish Strazar, owner of Millennium Rehabilitation, that reflects her passion for helping people. As she gestured to the gym in the renovated Hinckley home where Millennium is located, there was a twinkle in her eye. “This room was added onto the pre-existing house,” she explains as her staff members buzzed busily around the…

Raising the Real Estate Bar

“REALTORS® do not need to have any college education to have a job, so if you don't need it, why go get it?” says Krystal Keck, Brunswick resident and Sales Manager of Stouffer Realty. The tone of her voice changed ever so slightly as she spoke, shifting from conversational to proud.

Local Ladies Go Above and Beyond

It is no secret that some pretty remarkable people call this region of Ohio home. Get to know some local ladies who have gone above and beyond in all that they do.

February 2017 Giving Back

In August, I was sitting in a coffee shop in Medina Square discussing my mother's optimism in her battle with cancer. I was enjoying coffee with my boyfriend's mom, and the conversation inevitably grew a little more animated as the subject moved from gourmet coffee to lymphoma.

Sparkle Squad

In 2014, Becky Lowe was instrumental in bringing a much-needed cheerleading program to Brunswick High School. Her daughter, Katie, is a cheerleader on the autism spectrum whose passion for the sport inspired other girls to step up and shine beside her. Now, the Sparkle Squad is lighting up the football field with their talents.