Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

We all have people in our life who are blindingly optimistic, and we all have people that see their glass as half-empty. I learned while assembling this issue of Medina County Lifestyle that it does not matter how you see your glass because, either way, there is room for more wine.

Starry, Starry Nights

The Medina County Park District teams up with the Cuyahoga Astronomical Association to offer Starry, Starry Nights at Letha House Park West in Spencer. The Cuyahoga Astronomical Association opens the observatory and sets up telescopes to help attendees peer at deep-sky objects.

October 2016 Around Town

Cloverleaf Animal Hospital is working to decrease the stress and anxiety for both clients and patients during appointments. Dr. Linda Randall and her staff have adopted new techniques that decrease inter-pet interactions and encourage a positive interaction with all staff. They provide delicious treats as reinforcement for a pet’s great behavior throughout the exam, and a relaxing environment for all.…

Medina County Spirits

Michelle Belanger has always known that she wanted to be an author. Having been born with a ventricular septal defect, she had several heart surgeries before the age of five. Lacking the ability to be physically active during much of her youth, she found herself taking refuge in books.

Homebrewing: An Untapped Market

According to the experts at the Vine N Hop Shop, wine making is a fairly easy process as compared to beer brewing. This is because fewer steps are involved in wine production, although it does require more time to ferment than beer.

For the Love of Lager

Matt and Jon Keine are well-known figures in the Medina County community. In 2010, the brothers started brewing at Lager Heads BBQ Smokehouse in Abbeyville, and they secured a following that forced them to move to a new location in 2015.

Miss Molly’s: Elegance and Beau-tea

Miss Molly's Tearoom and Gift Shop has been a fixture in Medina for nearly two decades. Today, the beloved tearoom continues to brew up elegance and camaraderie in the Medina Public Square Historic District, where it preserves and celebrates the intimacy of small-town life. Like the city it calls home, a number of diverse factors have contributed to the tearoom's…

Health Markets is Here to Help!

Patrick Althof knows that shopping for insurance can be difficult. After all, there are countless carriers and policies out there. How can you find an insurance policy that is just right for you? As a former teacher, Althof knows that education is essential to developing a full understanding of any topic. That is why he became a Health Markets agent—his…

Medina International Festival

Main Street Medina celebrated the 8th annual Medina International Festival with hours of dance, music, and demonstrations that helped the hundreds of attendees travel the world without leaving their home town.

Main Street Medina Continues to Grow

Ed Wright, one of the founding members of Main Street Medina, could not have imagined how the nonprofit organization would grow. Though he knew a group dedicated to preserving and enhancing the importance of the Medina Public Square Historic District would flourish, he did not expect that it would grow as quickly as it did.

A Taste of Jilbert Winery

Are you a fan of sweet wines? Then you will love local wines. The Ohio climate is perfect for growing grapes, though the varieties that grow here tend to be acidic. As a result, wine makers must mix in a lot of sugar to balance out the flavor. The first Ohio wine was produced by Nicholas Longworth in the early…

Get to Know Salon Evangelene

For many people, going to get a hair cut is a chore. For Salon Evangelene clients, though, it is an experience filled with pampering and relaxation. What is it that makes the Salon Evangelene experience so unique?