Medina Farmers Market

At the heart of Medina County culture is the esteemed Farmers Market, which takes place in Medina Public Square's Uptown Park every Saturday through October 15.

Medina Library Bee Fest

Medina Library was "abuzz" with excitement at the annual Medina Bee Festival, which drew in 1100 people with honey samples, balloon animal creations, a live hive, and beekeeping seminars.

Arts and Culture in Medina County

Congratulations to Brian Williams, who won our first July giveaway prize -- a lesson at Appex Shooting and Tactical! And Congratulations to Amy Carter, who won our second giveaway prize -- an auto detailing with Roger's Pearl Oil Change & Auto Detailing!

Medina County Fair

For 171 years, the Medina County Fair has remained a beloved part of late summer. The event, which took place the first week of August, drew thousands of visitors from across Northeast Ohio.

Around Town

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Tips for Tip Top Tablescapes

As an Interior Designer and creative mind, I'm sometimes presented with some unusual project requests. At a committee meeting to discuss fundraiser ideas, the topic of Tablescaping was presented. What in the world is that?

A Thumbnail Sketch of Sparrow Art Gallery

When Aurelia Ford-Martin and Steve Martin moved Sparrow Art Gallery into Medina Public Square just over a year ago, they were met with enthusiasm from day one. Since they opened in their original Lodi location three years ago, they have built up a unique collection of art from both local and international artists.

An Industry “Rooted” in Artistry

Though Chris Peters went to college for finance and investments, he could not ignore his past growing up in the greenhouse and plant-nursing industry. When he founded Peters Professional Landscaping in 1992, Peters says it was easy to “go back to his roots.”

Wolff Bros. Supply Co. Pursues a Bright Future

In 2013, Wolff Bros. took the first step toward going green when they installed a roof-mounted 240 watt solar panel system. With 224 shiny SolarWorld panels, they were able to produce a total of 53,760 watts per year. After seeing the success of the roof-mounted panels, the Medina-based company expanded their solar panel collection this summer by adding a ground-mounted…

Beauty and Books

The Medina County District Library is composed of six libraries scattered throughout the county. Each library acts as a cultural hub to its hometown, but they also each honor a variety of unique artists. Throughout the year, Brunswick, Buckeye, Highland, Lodi, and Medina Library host art shows in their designated gallery spaces. Though they feature artists for short periods in…

Pointers to Protect Your Money

There has never been a point in time where the market has been this high and interest rates have been this low. Normally, there is not that big of a disparity between the two, so people are really unsure of where to make investments.

Over a Century of Sound

In 1859, a group of people in Medina made a decision that would preserve a beloved aspect of local culture for years to come. They decided to form a town band, and young men from every walk of life eagerly purchased instruments and began studying sheet music. The concerts put on by the “Medina Brass Band” or “Medina Cornet Band”…