The Echelon of Medina

Members of the brand-new independent and assisted living community The Echelon of Medina have all the amenities (and more!) that one could hope for when searching for the perfect place to call home. 

A Job Always Well Done

 Article Emily Shea  Wise Words From Owner Ray Petrime  In March All Weather Heating & Cooling celebrated 20 years of business. Owner and operators, Ray S. Petrime & Joseph P. Brezovsky, Jr., said that their business's success and what makes All Weather Heating & Cooling stand out from its competitors is that Ray and Joe and their 22 employees always stand behind their…

Medina County Markets

With summer just around the corner, locals are gearing up for the promise of summertime produce. While a few veggies are beginning to pop up now, the true splendor of the seasonal harvest is awaiting in the near future. Fortunately for locals, Medina County is overflowing with local produce and homemade goodies. You can pick up your favorites at these…

Medina Ice Festival 2018

For over two decades, the Medina Ice Festival has been gracing Medina Square with an incredible kick-off to the new year. The festival features over 85 sculptures designed Elegant Ice Creations and sponsored by local businesses, and skilled ice carvers from all corners of the nation travel to the Historic District to compete in both individual and team competitions. The festival is a…

Brunswick South Students Enjoy a Variety of Sports

Visintainer Middle School and Edwards Middle School, known collectively as Brunswick South, are two schools located right next to each other in Brunswick. Yet, they have vastly different sports programs with games which students from either school can attend to support.

Raising the Real Estate Bar

“REALTORS® do not need to have any college education to have a job, so if you don't need it, why go get it?” says Krystal Keck, Brunswick resident and Sales Manager of Stouffer Realty. The tone of her voice changed ever so slightly as she spoke, shifting from conversational to proud.

Health Markets is Here to Help!

Patrick Althof knows that shopping for insurance can be difficult. After all, there are countless carriers and policies out there. How can you find an insurance policy that is just right for you? As a former teacher, Althof knows that education is essential to developing a full understanding of any topic. That is why he became a Health Markets agent—his…