Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is. 

This Year, Reach Your 
Maximum Potential

How important is it that the nervous system is working as efficiently and optimally as possible? That may seem to be a silly question, but the truth of the matter is that many of us neglect that aspect of our health, and it is due to nothing more than a lack of understanding.  
Like many of us, Dr. Matthew Hamilton,…

Timeless And Trendy

"I believe you are chosen for this kind of work," says Cheryl Basilisco, co-owner of Esbi International Salon. She and her husband, Nuccio, provide services that beautify clients and enhance their lifestyle. "Everyday, you meet different people. They have different personalities and they face different situations. As a stylist, you have to put yourself on the back burner and focus…

“Stick With What You Love!”

It’s the New Year, the time of year when people are setting new goals. Of course, common goals for the New Year center around health and wellness. Yay!

Magical Holiday Memories: Medina Tree Farm

“We don't sell trees,” explains Charles Albert Reichheld III, Ph.D, who locals affectionately know as “Doc,” of the Medina Christmas Tree Farm. “We sell a Christmas experience.”

What Christmas Means To My Family

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently, each family with their different traditions. My family and I come from an Indian background, meaning the ways in which we celebrate Christmas are far different than many others. For us, Christmas is more of a family holiday then a religious holiday. We cherish the time given and become closer as a family.

Buehler’s: Savor The Moment

Nothing completes family festivities like a deliciously easy holiday meal, and nobody knows how to do that quite like the catering team at Buehler's Fresh Foods. And, with 13 locations across Ohio, ranging from Coshocton to Medina, full service caterings are painlessly easy.

Scarlet Transportation: The Gift They’ll Never Forget

With the holidays right around the corner, many find themselves scrambling for last minute gifts. But how do you choose the perfect present? It is hard to gift clothing, as sizes may be wrong or the fit may not be right. Knick knacks just pile up, and nobody wants to kick off the New Year feeling cluttered. What about gifting…

Homestead Furniture

Northeast Ohio is overflowing with remarkable attractions, but one would not typically expect to find an Amish-owned furniture store to be on that list. And yet, Homestead Furniture­ tops it, as this one remarkable shop is redefining an industry. “Amish built furniture is known to be traditional, typically made of blonde oak, and of durable, high quality,” says Codi Mast,…

A year of succulent seafood

A year of succulent seafood has crossed the plates and palates of many Medina County Lifestyle readers, and Kingfish Seafood--the upscale dining destination atop Restaurant Hill in Montrose—opened as the immediate, undeniable local leader in coastal cuisine is just getting started. Locals have fallen in love with everything from fresh-caught blue point oysters to sweet-succulent Maine lobster, as well as…

Strengthening Communities With Coffee

Coffee is a mundane thing. We consume it with such frequency that, oftentimes, it is easy to overlook its significance. We rarely consider what it takes to go from the farm to our cups, but the process is, in actuality, remarkable. What is even more remarkable, perhaps, is the role it plays in our own local economy.

Architectural Justice

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but photos just don’t do these two spaces justice. “You must see it in person to take it all in,” explains James Justice, Owner and Founder of Architectural Justice. “Our showroom space is composed of kitchen and bath vignettes, fireplaces, and a wine room, all of which mix styles and materials…

Lighting the Way With Whitmer’s Lighting

For decades, Whitmer’s Lighting has been serving Northeast Ohio. With locations in Akron/Montrose, Westlake, and North Olmsted, totaling over 30,000 feet of showroom space, the Whitmer family is uniquely equipped with the selection to bring any bright ideas to life.

Chippewa Stone

Long gone are the days where granite countertops were a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. Now, it is one of many affordable options available to Northeast Ohioans, and the Grubers wouldn’t have it any other way. “Granite is a really special stone,” says Courtney Gruber, who owns and operates Chippewa Stone with her husband Oskar. “It can last forever,…

Fashion Says

Your style is as unique and free as your spirit. You go through your day with the flow and your clothing and accessories match your easy-going attitude.

Medina Gem

Anneliese Nefos is a fashion icon in Medina County. Her infectious positivity and dazzling products help locals shine, and after decades of serving the community, she knows what it takes to stand out. "I found my love of jewelry thanks to a long history that goes back to Switzerland," she explains. "I come from a very large family. My father…


Creatively Tagged Boutique, located in Downtown Wadsworth, is the perfect destination for fashionistas of all ages. Both men and women will adore the selection of upscale goods, clothes, and household accessories. And, you will love the cause it supports: Creatively Tagged Boutique, through Medina Creative Housing, offers vocational opportunities to students and other individuals with disabilities.

Wonderful Wines

Wines are impacted greatly by the areas in which their grapes grow and the palates of those that carefully craft them. Whether you are looking for a local winery that produces uniquely-Ohio wines or a chic destination to try something new, there is a local business that caters to your needs. 
Check out these destinations we adore:

Whimsical Wadsworth Brews

"We have lived here for 18 years, and we are in love with the quaintness of the community," says Ericha Joy, who owns Wadsworth Brewing Company with her husband, Ernie. "We aimed to create a small, comfortable brewery where people could enjoy a beer or two and play games."

The Flavors of Filia

The countryside of Wadsworth is, in a word, enchanting. The historic community is tucked in the southeastern corner of Medina County, and it features lovely architecture, stunning landscapes, and a whole lot of small town charm. One building rises above the landscape, though, possessing all of these qualities as well as a secret.

Summer at Shale Creek

It's July, and it's officially summer! While it may be easy to dream of adventure on a championship-caliber golf course complete with a full service bar, restaurant and a patio second to none, it is difficult to find one locally. When it comes to group outings, it is even harder to find such a course that is also open to…

Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Northeast Ohio Rocks!

Recently, an artistic adventure began to take the State of Ohio by storm. This rockin' addiction spread across social media, including Facebook and YouTube. 
“I started Northeast Ohio Rocks! In July 2016,” says Nancy Powell Pierson. “My grandparents created the crafter in me. My daughter-in-law knows I am always doing some sort of a craft. She became involved with Whidbey…

Three Cheers for 90 Years at Bunker Hill Golf Course

Arnold Ingraham approached Manager Chad Gibson and I where we sat at Bunker Hill Golf Course. He had a generous smile and a twinkle in his eye that bore evidence to the fondness he had for his family business and the community it serves. “This is Nikki,” introduced Gibson. “We were just talking about how Bunker Hill is celebrating its…

Brunswick’s Largest Man Cave: Havana’s Choice Cigars

“We consider ourself Brunswick's Largest Man Cave,” says Don Raimondo of Havana's Choice Cigar. The lounge, located on the northern end of Brunswick off of Pearl Road, exudes all the qualities that a man cave should: comfort, camaraderie, and, of course, cigars.

Feature Fishing Spots

As we move closer to the Summer Solstice, sunny days in the Medina County wilderness are growing longer. Of course, longer days mean more opportunity for outdoor adventure in the Medina County Park District. “I love the parks,” says Park District Communications Coordinator John Gladden. “We have 18 open parks, preserves, or trails, and 12 of those locations include fishing…

Style Your Space

When it comes to home design, professionals have noted a shift toward turning your home space into your own personal getaway. For many, this means making the space both more practical and beautiful. But how can one make, say, a garage into a stunning, stress-free space?

Dream Destinations

You have dreamed of this day since you have been a little girl. Up until now, it has been only a fairy tale. It should be romantic, exciting, relaxing, and an unforgettable experience, which is why it is always best to work with a travel expert to help your dreams become reality.

Food You’ll Love

Popping the big question can be a nerve-wracking experience, and Timber Lodge Owner Ron Levitt has seen many a proposal first-hand in his historic Medina restaurant. “They want it to be perfect,” he says. “And we've seen it all. We've put a ring in the champagne and in the cake frosting. Many proposals have taken place here over the years,…

Creating Cakes

There is a particular charm that hovers over old-fashioned bakeries. Ann's Pastry Shop, located in Downtown Wadsworth, is no exception. Many of their recipes have remained unaltered across the decades, yet they still maintain the flexibility to produce an ultra-modern wedding cake.

Love Where You Live

Mike Burianek, president and owner of Modern Home Concepts, knows a thing or two about pursuing a dream and bringing it to life. Burianek realized by middle school that he wished to be a carpenter and to open his own construction business. By accomplishing his own dreams, he has assembled and equipped a team of experts to help you build…

Color & Design Trends

Spring is coming much quicker this year after such a mild winter. On the design home front we are seeing a huge movement in homes becoming an oasis from the outside world. The need to feel connected, to relax, and to rejuvenate are driving this.

Growing Relationships

The team at Peters Professional Landscaping have noticed an interesting shift in recent outdoor living trends. “I have noticed a trend in people preferring to entertain their guests in their backyards rather than going out,” says General Manager Josh Riley. “People want something to keep bringing guests over.” In Ohio, the dramatic seasonal weather fluctuation was once dreaded. Now, there…

Tough as Milk

For many people, yoga is an art form. For some people, like Bilyana Simonoski, it is much more than that. It is a lifestyle. It is a therapeutic and healing force. That healing force has a very powerful and personal impact on Simonoski, who uses yoga as a vehicle for change in her nonprofit organization Tough as Milk. Through yoga,…

The Cosplay Queen


A lot of cosplayers hone their craft by designing and making costumes, complete with makeup, bodypaint, and props. Much to Medina County's credit, we are home to the Cosplay Queen herself.

Painting a Legacy

Richard Doyle is an artist of paint and words. The Medina-born artist and writer is a full time financial advisor—a Renaissance Man with the “ol' right-brain left-brain thingy going on.” What started out as a hobby has since solidified his art a revered piece of local culture.

Fashion Forward

“I have been a professional tailor since 1969,” says Sami Boumadi, Owner of Boumadi Men's Clothier and Tailoring and Vera's Ladies Apparel. “It is my favorite thing to do... something I greatly enjoy. I work primarily at Boumadi, and Vera handles work with the ladies. However, we both work on both sides of the store, because we are both very…

Local Ladies Go Above and Beyond

It is no secret that some pretty remarkable people call this region of Ohio home. Get to know some local ladies who have gone above and beyond in all that they do.

Sparkle Squad

In 2014, Becky Lowe was instrumental in bringing a much-needed cheerleading program to Brunswick High School. Her daughter, Katie, is a cheerleader on the autism spectrum whose passion for the sport inspired other girls to step up and shine beside her. Now, the Sparkle Squad is lighting up the football field with their talents.

Learn About Life Care

If you have never visited Life Care Center of Medina, then you do not know the supportive community that comprises its staff and residents. You may not realize that they provide inpatient and outpatient short-term rehabilitation, post-operative recovery, as well as Alzheimer's and dementia care. However, if you ever find yourself needing rehabilitation after a hospital stay or are seeking…

Start The Year Right With Shen Yun

Kick off your new year right by experiencing 5,000 years of cultural celebration in one must-see performance. The 2017 Shen Yun performance, which takes place just a few days after Chinese New Year on February 4 and 5, brings together close to 100 talented performers to pay homage to over 50 Chinese ethnic groups that hail from different backgrounds, lifestyles,…

Pup-Positive Resolutions

If your dog could talk, he would probably say, “Let’s get more exercise and eat better in 2017! And let’s do it together, because I love you.” That's right! Just like you would set a New Years Resolution to get healthy, you can also set a resolution to get healthy with your pup. Healthy eating and regular exercise are important…

Tinman Tips for a Healthier You!

As fitness experts, Jason Abbey, Managing Partner at Tinman Fitness, and Heather Abbey, Head Trainer at Tinman, strive to make their community a healthier place.​ “We have all seen poor health take a toll on loved ones,” says Heather. “And we all want to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle for our kids. At Tinman, we work to…

Don Basch’s Five Favorite Holiday Gifts

For the last five years, Don Basch Jewelers has been bringing sparkle and smiles to area residents. With a background in jewelry repair that spans decades, Don Basch Jewelers continues their dedication to quality service and products.

Christmas Treasures: A Thrifty Gift

For a decade, Hospice of Medina County (HMC) has been operating Life's Treasures Thrift Shop just south of Medina Square. The store is operated by three managers, Patty Conklin, Theresa Daniels, and Stephanie Furey, along with a team of over 80 volunteers. The store provides a unique shopping experience and all proceeds benefit Hospice of Medina County patients and their…

Caring Cops & The Christmas Spirit

Imagine waking up on a snowy December morning in first grade knowing that you will soon be going Christmas present shopping. However, instead of shopping with your parents, a police officer will personally escort you (lights, sirens, and all) to the store, where he will give you $125 to spend on your gifts. 
Then, you will enjoy lunch while Santa…

Where There’s a Will, There’s a United Way

“Everyone at United Way comes together for one common thing—they love working and living in Medina County,” says Board Member Carrie Park. United Way of Medina County is truly a gem in terms of what they do. By networking with local organizations, they address local needs by providing funding to more than 17 programs designed to improve lives, strengthen communities,…

All About Agriculture

“This is the time of year when people are thinking of Thanksgiving, and they do more thinking about their food than any other time of year,” says John Fitzpatrick, Organization Director of the Medina County Farm Bureau. With food on so many minds, it is also the ideal time of year to dispel misconceptions about agriculture. Fitzpatrick, it turns out,…

The Benefit of Clean Beef

“If you eat better, you feel better,” said Hendrick Leibrandt, owner of Destiny Farm. For the past three years, Destiny Farm has been raising grass-fed, hormone-free cattle. “There was a higher demand for cleaner, healthier meat. More people were turning to locally grown, local shops, wanting to know where products came from. I had already been exposed to the market—I…

Medina County Spirits

Michelle Belanger has always known that she wanted to be an author. Having been born with a ventricular septal defect, she had several heart surgeries before the age of five. Lacking the ability to be physically active during much of her youth, she found herself taking refuge in books.

Homebrewing: An Untapped Market

According to the experts at the Vine N Hop Shop, wine making is a fairly easy process as compared to beer brewing. This is because fewer steps are involved in wine production, although it does require more time to ferment than beer.