Drink for a Cause

 Article and Photography Warren Watkins  Summer is upon us and with that, so is festival season here in Northeast Ohio. The 2nd Annual Uncorked Medina Wine Festival will be held at the Buffalo Creek Retreat in Seville. The event takes place on July 20 and 21 and will give locals an opportunity to taste up to 80 wines from all over the world.…

Cru High School Cleveland Reaching Local Students

High schoolers love to get together to eat, play games, and have fun, so why not do it in a spiritually supportive environment? Cru High School is a program that helps students to do just that.  

Readers’ Choice

Medina County is a truly remarkable place to call home. Its historic streets, friendly residents, and way of life are entrancing. There is something here that caters to everyone, and we think that is something worth celebrating.

Saving Communities From Boredom

Since 2012, Scene 75 has been fulfilling its mission of saving communities from boredom. With two locations south of Medina, one in Cincinnati and one in Dayton, only a handful of Northeast Ohioans knew the pleasures of the largest indoor entertainment centers in the country. That is, until now.