Diving into the Art Realm

Walking into the breathtaking gallery, dozens of canvases are showcased throughout the room. People silently admire each piece and take in the beauty of what is before them. Art is a celebration of one’s vivid imagination, where various colors, textures and images are explored. Art is an expression, where thinking is not confined and one has the ability to expand their…

Painting a Legacy

Richard Doyle is an artist of paint and words. The Medina-born artist and writer is a full time financial advisor—a Renaissance Man with the “ol' right-brain left-brain thingy going on.” What started out as a hobby has since solidified his art a revered piece of local culture.

Cleveland Henna

“Various cultures use henna in times of celebration,” says Kristina Haberek, owner of HennaMe and a Clevelander with a knack for design. 
She holds a BA in Art from Cleveland State University, and for years she has been providing individual and group henna services to the Northeast Ohio area. “I first saw henna being done at an arts festival in…