We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we have to overcome challenges. This alone is reason enough to exercise. Forget about the crop tops and short shorts. Most of us have moved past the “bikini as my goal” motivation, thank goodness. By all means, rock it if you got it, but also, show off that incredible resting heart…

New Year, New You!

Happy 2018, Medina! It's great to be kicking off another year here in the most picturesque community in the state. And this year is a big one!
There are so many milestones that we as a community are going to reach this year. For starters, a new year means a new you. It's another opportunity to accomplish goals that you have…

Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is. 

This Year, Reach Your 
Maximum Potential

How important is it that the nervous system is working as efficiently and optimally as possible? That may seem to be a silly question, but the truth of the matter is that many of us neglect that aspect of our health, and it is due to nothing more than a lack of understanding.  
Like many of us, Dr. Matthew Hamilton,…

Medina Ice Festival 2018

For over two decades, the Medina Ice Festival has been gracing Medina Square with an incredible kick-off to the new year. The festival features over 85 sculptures designed Elegant Ice Creations and sponsored by local businesses, and skilled ice carvers from all corners of the nation travel to the Historic District to compete in both individual and team competitions. The festival is a…

Timeless And Trendy

"I believe you are chosen for this kind of work," says Cheryl Basilisco, co-owner of Esbi International Salon. She and her husband, Nuccio, provide services that beautify clients and enhance their lifestyle. "Everyday, you meet different people. They have different personalities and they face different situations. As a stylist, you have to put yourself on the back burner and focus…

“Stick With What You Love!”

It’s the New Year, the time of year when people are setting new goals. Of course, common goals for the New Year center around health and wellness. Yay!

What’s In Store For Medina In 2018?

On November 30, 1818, the community of Medina was formed. The quaint Medina Township, which was originally named Mecca, was made the county seat that day when its Public Square area was deeded by Elijah Boardman to the county. To bring the era into perspective, the Great Hinckley Hunt would take place less than one month later. The hunt is…

The Museum That Makes Spirits Bright

"Those of us who are 50, 60, or 70 enjoyed a very different childhood then children today," says Dana Klaus, who owns Castle Noel and Alien Vacation Mini Golf with her husband, Mark. "You would go downtown, and it didn't matter where you lived. Everybody had a downtown somewhere, full of fantastic stores. You would be dressed to the nines.…

Happy Holidays!

Finally, the most magical time of the year has arrived. While the holidays are doubtlessly a magical time around the globe, there is something about the quaint Midwestern atmosphere of Medina County that just feels extra special around this time of year. Perhaps it is because certain areas, like Medina Square and Downtown Wadsworth, could easily make picture-perfect model train…

Magical Holiday Memories: Medina Tree Farm

“We don't sell trees,” explains Charles Albert Reichheld III, Ph.D, who locals affectionately know as “Doc,” of the Medina Christmas Tree Farm. “We sell a Christmas experience.”

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath

This is a great way to repurpose ribbons from past Christmases, making an elegant decoration for your holiday celebration. Coordinate colors with your Christmas theme or with your home’s interior design to create a festive and stylish seasonal design. Have fun and be creative!

What Christmas Means To My Family

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently, each family with their different traditions. My family and I come from an Indian background, meaning the ways in which we celebrate Christmas are far different than many others. For us, Christmas is more of a family holiday then a religious holiday. We cherish the time given and become closer as a family.

Buehler’s: Savor The Moment

Nothing completes family festivities like a deliciously easy holiday meal, and nobody knows how to do that quite like the catering team at Buehler's Fresh Foods. And, with 13 locations across Ohio, ranging from Coshocton to Medina, full service caterings are painlessly easy.

Scarlet Transportation: The Gift They’ll Never Forget

With the holidays right around the corner, many find themselves scrambling for last minute gifts. But how do you choose the perfect present? It is hard to gift clothing, as sizes may be wrong or the fit may not be right. Knick knacks just pile up, and nobody wants to kick off the New Year feeling cluttered. What about gifting…

Gorgeous Gifts

Growing up, Deb Wasylko was always in tune with her artistic abilities. As a teenager, she sold her crafts to her schoolmates, and a passion was sparked. 

Riverstone Taverne

When the weather grows cold, nothing is as warm or inviting as casual comfort food. 
"I'm an electrical engineer, my wife is a software consultant," explains Bruce Iacovelli, who owns Riverstone Taverne with his wife Joyce Hicks. "We had a passion for food and decided to become restaurateurs in 2007." 
When the Riverstone Taverne opened in Valley City, it delighted locals with…

November 2017 Around Town

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. On January 19, 2018, Faith in Action Medina County Caregivers proudly presents the 21st Annual For The Love of Chocolate Festival. The For the Love of Chocolate Festival will be held at the Medina County Fairgrounds Community Center, 735 Lafayette Road, Medina from 6 pm to…

Giving Thanks

It's November, and Medina County is feeling as cozy as ever. The air is chilly, fireplaces are glowing with hot embers, and warm meals are tempting the taste buds. Now is the time to celebrate all that our community has to offer, from elegant furnishings to warm beverages and delightful cuisine. This is truly a great place to be, and…

Homestead Furniture

Northeast Ohio is overflowing with remarkable attractions, but one would not typically expect to find an Amish-owned furniture store to be on that list. And yet, Homestead Furniture­ tops it, as this one remarkable shop is redefining an industry. “Amish built furniture is known to be traditional, typically made of blonde oak, and of durable, high quality,” says Codi Mast,…

Holiday Wine Pairings

“Rich, full-bodied whites like Chardonnay, Viognier, Gewürztraminer and Rhône White Blends pair delightfully with many of the dishes found on the Thanksgiving table. For example, pumpkin soup or butternut squash with brown butter and sage is a delicious match for a richly textured Chardonnay. The warmer spices of autumn, like nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, are complementary to this style of…

Readers’ Choice

Medina County is a truly remarkable place to call home. Its historic streets, friendly residents, and way of life are entrancing. There is something here that caters to everyone, and we think that is something worth celebrating.

The Buzz On Bees

Love of honey is deeply-rooted in us humans. Between 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, humans began to collect and consume honey products. By 2444 B.C.E., cultures like the Ancient Egyptians began to perfect the art of beekeeping. Honey is a commodity that has become something of a necessity, and its history may surprise you.

A year of succulent seafood

A year of succulent seafood has crossed the plates and palates of many Medina County Lifestyle readers, and Kingfish Seafood--the upscale dining destination atop Restaurant Hill in Montrose—opened as the immediate, undeniable local leader in coastal cuisine is just getting started. Locals have fallen in love with everything from fresh-caught blue point oysters to sweet-succulent Maine lobster, as well as…

Strengthening Communities With Coffee

Coffee is a mundane thing. We consume it with such frequency that, oftentimes, it is easy to overlook its significance. We rarely consider what it takes to go from the farm to our cups, but the process is, in actuality, remarkable. What is even more remarkable, perhaps, is the role it plays in our own local economy.

Farm-To-Table Delivery

There are very few trucks that can claim that title of "beast" but this is definitely one of them. The 2017 Ford Raptor now offers a 3.5L twin turbo V-6 motor, putting out 450 HP and 510 lb-ft of torque. The 0-60 time is estimated at the low 5 second range. For a truck weighing close to 6,000 pounds, that…

Violi Golf Outing

At the Inaugural Jimmy Violi Memorial Golf Outing, hosted at Shale Creek, attendees raised over $10,000 to benefit the National Parkinson's Foundation. Now that's a hole in one!

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

As it grows colder outside, our homes suddenly feel so much 
 cozier. Autumn is a season in which people thrive on coziness, so in celebration of warmth and family we've brought our magazine a little bit closer to home. From cover to cover, you will discover who's who in the world of interior design, and you'll learn hear some…

Architectural Justice

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but photos just don’t do these two spaces justice. “You must see it in person to take it all in,” explains James Justice, Owner and Founder of Architectural Justice. “Our showroom space is composed of kitchen and bath vignettes, fireplaces, and a wine room, all of which mix styles and materials…

Lighting the Way With Whitmer’s Lighting

For decades, Whitmer’s Lighting has been serving Northeast Ohio. With locations in Akron/Montrose, Westlake, and North Olmsted, totaling over 30,000 feet of showroom space, the Whitmer family is uniquely equipped with the selection to bring any bright ideas to life.

October 2017 Around Town

It was in the Summer of 1997 that it became known that the experienced and successful brass band director, Dr Keith M Wilkinson, had moved from Britain and was residing in the area. This knowledge inspired a group of brass and percussion players to invite Keith to direct a couple of sessions reading brass band literature. The enthusiasm generated by…

All Decked Out

Toward the end of this month, boutique fashion meets the beauty of the Medina County countryside at Buffalo Creek Retreat. Save the date for October 26, because from 4 to 9 p.m. a glamorous ladies night out will benefit an amazing cause.

Changing the Season with Color

Fall Solstice: The changing of seasons from summer to fall. Days are getting shorter, and evenings are growing cooler. The beauty of the seasonal shift can be reflected in your home through the employment of a few simple color techniques. Colors become brighter with Fall while our houses grow quieter, a combination that creates feelings of warmth, beauty, and calmness…

Tom Batiuk

In 1972, area artist Tom Batiuk debuted syndicated comic Funky Winkerbean in the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. The comic drew from the community and environment he thrived within, and through real-life situations he encounters, he has developed and matured his characters. Employing a slice-of-life approach, he flawlessly creates a narrative that allows him to tackle sensitive subjects such as teen pregnancy, alcoholism,…

Chippewa Stone

Long gone are the days where granite countertops were a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. Now, it is one of many affordable options available to Northeast Ohioans, and the Grubers wouldn’t have it any other way. “Granite is a really special stone,” says Courtney Gruber, who owns and operates Chippewa Stone with her husband Oskar. “It can last forever,…

Brunswick’s Scene 75 is the Scene to Check Out

Scene 75 opened its entertainment complex doors on August 25 to many excited customers of all ages — from toddlers in the 12-and-under bounce room, to teens enjoying the gaming venue, to adults sipping beverages in the restaurant area.

September 2017 Around Town

On Thursday, October 12, 2017, Weymouth Country Club will once again open its doors and host the premiere networking event of the year! Come for a night of fun, food, and philanthropy! Fabulous "tastes" will be provided by some of Medina County's favorite restaurants and highly regarded chefs.

September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Now that autumn is upon us, it's finally time to don cozier apparel. As the Medina County landscape transitions into a world of golden hues and pumpkin flavored everything, our wardrobe seems to transition into a collection filled with longer sleeves and rich colors. Area fashion experts aren't scared off by the cooler months that have descended upon our region...…

Fashion Says

Your style is as unique and free as your spirit. You go through your day with the flow and your clothing and accessories match your easy-going attitude.

Party ‘N With Plants

Party'n With Plants is bringing style to homes everywhere—all it takes is a dollop of pixie dust. Party'n With Plants has spent the past year and a half beautifying and unifying Northeast Ohio through the use of fairy gardens. Fairy gardens are enchanting scenes built around a miniature and a succulent in a small container, and they are spectacularly magical.…

Medina Gem

Anneliese Nefos is a fashion icon in Medina County. Her infectious positivity and dazzling products help locals shine, and after decades of serving the community, she knows what it takes to stand out. "I found my love of jewelry thanks to a long history that goes back to Switzerland," she explains. "I come from a very large family. My father…


Creatively Tagged Boutique, located in Downtown Wadsworth, is the perfect destination for fashionistas of all ages. Both men and women will adore the selection of upscale goods, clothes, and household accessories. And, you will love the cause it supports: Creatively Tagged Boutique, through Medina Creative Housing, offers vocational opportunities to students and other individuals with disabilities.


In the heart of Strongsville's economic district is perhaps one of the most fashionable restaurants in Northeast Ohio. With a sophisticated color scheme, a pleasant atmosphere, and food that is out of this world, Trivs easily brings a touch of chicness to cuisine.

Passion For Fashion

Lularoe provides comfortable fashion choices for the modern woman. The clothes are colorful, chic, and empowering. “I am 26, single, and I recently quit my other jobs to pursue Lularoe full time,” explains Lularoe Fashion Retailer Amanda Violi. “Lularoe provides stylish pieces that will complement a large range of shapes and sizes. The company actually collects pictures from their retailers,…

Save the Date for the BASH

Mark your calendars for Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. because this is one night of celebration you won't want to miss!

Medina Creative Housing Anniversary

Medina Creative Housing celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, and the community and MCH residents alike took part in the festivities. From everyone at Medina County Lifestyle, happy birthday, and here's to another 25 years!

August 2017 Lifestyle Letter

As we enter late summer, it becomes evident that, sometimes, you just gotta kick back and enjoy a beer. After all, the days are getting shorter, and fall begins next month. While it is still warm and the scents of flowers still perfume the air, you might as well take advantage of a citrusy pale ale that tastes just like…

August 2017 Around Town

The nonprofit organization The Yellow Creek Foundation is hosting a fundraiser event. RSVP to info@yellowcreekfoundation.org. The mission on The Yellow Creek Foundation is to be an advocate to protect and restore water quality, habitats and the beauty of the Yellow Creek Watershed through engagement and education.

Whimsical Wadsworth Brews

"We have lived here for 18 years, and we are in love with the quaintness of the community," says Ericha Joy, who owns Wadsworth Brewing Company with her husband, Ernie. "We aimed to create a small, comfortable brewery where people could enjoy a beer or two and play games."

Canine Companions for Independence

"It isn't easy, letting them go after watching them grow up," says Mary Jane McGinnis, Puppy Raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. "But we always say to ourselves, somebody else will love them as much as we do, but they need 'em more."