Summer’s Here, Gentlemen—So Get Out and Ride!

Summer: the season for so many things guys love to do—outdoor projects at home, fishing, baseball, smoking meat, golfing … the list goes on and on. But nothing says to me that warm weather has officially arrived here in Northeast Ohio like the sight of someone who has taken their motorcycle out of the garage for the first time in months. 

Ernie Velasco, general manager of State 8 Motorcycles in Medina, is one of those guys who has a hard time putting his motorcycle away when the cold weather hits. He bought his first motorcycle when he was 18 and has been riding ever since. 

Recently, I stopped into State 8 to take a tour of the store and to chat about the hot cycle season that is upon us now. 

“We can never have enough motorcycles to sell,” Ernie says. “They sell so fast. Our back showroom always starts out the season busting at the seams with inventory, and every summer we watch that inventory fly off the shelves and ride right out the door.” 

State 8 is much more than just motorcycles, however. They also offer a full range of powersports vehicles such as four-wheelers, side-by-sides, dirt bikes, trikes, scooters and Slingshots. Ernie says the most eye-catching vehicle in his showroom is the Polaris Slingshot.

“The Slingshot gets so much attention when we have it out on the road. People are always staring and taking pictures and asking, ‘What is that?’ If you’ve never seen a Slingshot, it’s a three-wheeled [two in the front, one in the back] motorcycle with a steering wheel instead of handlebars that sits much lower to the ground than a car. With a sleek, futuristic design that looks like something a superhero would choose to drive around town, the Slingshot is an obvious choice for State 8 to display in front of their store near the much-traveled Route 18 corridor that runs between Akron and Medina.”

Owner Kirk Compton says his Medina location also does very well with his four-wheeled vehicles.

“Medina County is such a diverse and interesting area,” he says. “In our Medina store, we cater to a large base of agricultural and farming customers where there is a great need for our off-road vehicles, like the Polaris Ranger. The Ranger is very versatile. And not only for agriculture use but also for other business uses such as roofing, landscaping and construction. You’ll even see them out on the golf course. It’s a very popular model. No matter what you’re looking for, we have something for everyone at our stores.” 

Something for everyone is right! Guys, don’t let the summer pass you by. Do yourself a favor and stop by State 8 in Medina and tell Ernie you’d like to take the Slingshot out for a test ride today!