Two Artists Hope Their Work Brings People Together and Initiates Conversation

Walking into the breathtaking gallery, dozens of canvases are showcased throughout the room. People silently admire each piece and take in the beauty of what is before them. Art is a celebration of one’s vivid imagination, where various colors, textures and images are explored. Art is an expression, where thinking is not confined and one has the ability to expand their colorful palette of creativity. That is what makes walking through an art gallery so magical. 

Owners Lacey Huffman and Sandi Piper have proudly showcased their work since the Sand and Lace Gallery opened in Medina in November 2014. The two previously worked in another gallery that closed and decided to open their own. The gallery represents two local wood artists, Richard Velardo and Tom Olechiw; and three jewelry artists, Ann Ladd, photographer Matt Platz and Subhashini Varanasi. Mike Grau creates glass ornaments as well.

Sandi, a resident of Gadsden, Alabama, is an “impressionistic” artist, who uses mainly acrylics for her work, with an incorporation of mixed media. She works in series, including a variety of abstracts, bird nests and seascape pieces. 

Lacey, a resident of Medina, has a passion for creating “traditional” art, including everything from drawing, sketching and oil painting. She says nature is her biggest inspiration for her work, which allows her to “be visual and see the environment around her.” 

Additionally, children’s paint parties, private lessons and paint parties for those 21 and over called Wine N Dab are offered. Each adult class is $35 per person, while the children’s class is $25 per person. All supplies are included. Registration is required.

The gallery hosts a variety of other events, including church events, family reunions and more.  

The business also offers an art camp, which runs for an entire week through June, July and August, for children ages 5 and up. Morning sessions are $150 with 5- to 7-year-olds, from 10 a.m. to noon. The afternoon sessions are $250 for children age 8 and up from 1– 5 p.m. Drop-in sessions are $50 per day, with pre-registration required. Snacks and drinks are provided. 

Lacey runs a four-day intensive team camp in July, where individuals work with oil on a still-life painting, with all supplies provided. The workshop hosts up to six students and costs $200. Once the camp is completed, their work will be featured in the gallery. The classes are from 10 a.m. to noon.

Robert Schmitz, a Rocky River, Ohio, resident, discovered the gallery while exploring Medina. In total, he has five paintings hung around his home, ranging from $500 to $2,500 with a majority being abstract pieces. 

“Sandi actually painted three of the pictures based upon my house,” Robert says. “She was over here a couple times and looked at the color of the walls, the furniture and so on and so forth … she painted them based upon the color scheme that I liked.”

With custom orders available, Robert explains why he believes the gallery is unique.

“Lacey has such a talent in being able to put depth into a picture; it is amazing,” Robert says. “Sandi has a very good color sense; they work well together.” 

The gallery hopes to move to a lower-level storefront in the near future. For more information, visit