86th Annual Series of Spring Bird Walks

The 86th Annual Series of Spring Bird Walks begins on April 13 and will be held every Saturday at 7:30 a.m. through May 18. Guests will have the opportunity to watch as many beautiful migrating spring birds return or travel through the area to their summer breeding grounds. The spring bird walks are co‑sponsored by Cleveland Metroparks, Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society, Geauga Park District, Hiram College, Holden Arboretum, Lake Metroparks, Medina County Park District and the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes. Each walk will be led by experienced birders. Each walk is free, open to all ages and does not require registration. 

Home Building Peaks in Medina County

According to The Medina Gazette, 472 homes were built in 2018 in Medina County. This number represents a peak among homes built in Medina County over the last five years. In 2017, 452 homes were built and 430 in 2016. The steady rise in new construction may be due to a number of variables, but in an interview with The Gazette, Medina County Chief Building Inspector Christopher Randles stated that “finances combined with land availability makes Medina County very attractive.” 

MetroHealth Expands to Medina County

At the end of 2018, MetroHealth, a Cleveland-based medical institution, opened its doors in Medina County. MetroHealth Medina Health Center, located at 111 W. Reagan Parkway, is a primary care facility. Before House Bill 111 passed in September 2018, MetroHealth was prohibited from leaving Cuyahoga County. Now it are able to expand its medical services to seven other counties in addition to Medina County. 

Medina Student Portia Becks Performs at Carnegie Hall

Portia Becks, a Medina High School student, performed at Carnegie Hall as a part of the Honors Performance Series Feb. 7-11. Portia, a phenomenal singer and actor, joined other talented young musicians from around the world and was given the opportunity to work with master conductors in addition to performing on the incredible Carnegie Hall stage.