This Is Home 2

Warm sunlight streams throughout the room, as if spreading its arms wide and saying, “hug me” in the most gentle way. A furry friend finds comfort in the chestnut brown hardwood floor and lies outstretched on an eggshell-colored carpet, sleeping soundly. In one corner, a tall fern leans against the wall like a shy child at a school dance. A stone fireplace can be seen, which keeps loved ones warm and cozy, perfect for a chilly winter night or a gloomy, rainy day. A giant flat-screen TV hangs directly above it. An oblong sectional with four neatly aligned neutral-shaded pillows fill the center of the couch. A round coffee table lies in the middle of the room, ideal for drinking morning coffee and scanning the news. Six white landscape portraits with black trim decorate the wall. Twin oak bookshelves are littered with various reads, and plants are perched delicately on the top shelves. To design a room, one has endless possibilities. 

Wolff Brothers Design Center, established in 1965, specializes in helping individuals achieve their dream home. The design center offers an inside look at what a home could potentially look like, with everything from cabinetry, lighting fixtures and more. 

According to the official company website, Wolff Brothers prides itself on investing the time and energy not only into its clients but also ensuring that its customers will receive quality feedback and can address any questions or concerns with its certified home renovation experts.

“We employ friendly and knowledgeable experts who aim to make your remodeling or new construction project go a little smoother with a little less stress.” 

David Sells, a homeowner who hired Wolff Brothers to perform a multitude of renovations, noted that a vast majority of these changes took about six weeks to complete, from May to June 2018. 

Originally a Toledo, Ohio, native, David now lives in Fairview Park, Ohio, with his wife, Karli, and their rescue dog named Nola. There was a variety of renovations made throughout their home, including refinished original floors, the removal of an upstairs area and remodeling of the flooring. Additionally, the couple had removed a wall between the kitchen and the living room, raised the ceiling and dry-walled it over, moved a wall back to make a closet appear larger, as well as reconstructed the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms. 

In total, their home is 1,450 square feet, equipped with three beds, two baths, a spare room upstairs, a living room, a kitchen and a basement. As the pair upgraded their living space, David says they did “30 percent more” work than planned. 

Prior to the couple living in their current residence, the previous owners had reconstructed the house quite a bit, as it was built in 1941. For David and Karli, they did not choose a specific “theme” for their home, like a beach-inspired getaway or a tropical rainforest. Instead, the idea of minimalism spoke to them. They chose to utilize colors such as gray or white and appeal to textures like marble countertops and subway tile. They also incorporated black accents for lighting to decorate their space.

David noted that the kitchen is his favorite part of the house. He and Karli both love to cook and explore all kinds of delicious cuisine. Chana masala, an Indian dish with chickpeas, is one of their favorite dishes to prepare. 

For David and Karli, the vision included a small house in a quiet neighborhood with a “slice of urban feel.” They knew they wanted to be close to entertainment districts such as Lakewood or Ohio City, as well. 

Ultimately, what David finds most refreshing is that the community in his neighborhood is not only friendly, but they are always outside exercising, gardening or talking to one other. Living in fast-paced cities like Columbus or Chicago, he appreciates having the opportunity to talk to individuals, instead of the typical “hustle and bustle” of everyday, hectic city life. 

Jeff Thomas, the official installer who completed the work for David and Karli’s home through the Wolff Brothers company, did a plethora of tasks during the renovation period. His responsibilities included drywall construction, plumbing, raising the ceiling, replacing doors, rewiring, trim work and wall deconstruction. 

David divulged that Jeff was “really impressive and so mindful of the house,” and they were absolutely thrilled with their overall experience. Additionally, he also noted that the Wolff Brothers company was very “patient and great to work with.” 

Wolff Brothers has businesses in 13 cities, including Akron, Ashland, Cleveland, Columbus, Elyria, Findlay, Mansfield, Marion, Maumee, Medina, Mentor, Sandusky and Wooster. Additionally, there are four hands-on design centers available in Akron, Maumee, Medina and Sandusky. Wolff Brothers is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The design center operates by appointment only and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., depending on location. Regarding custom orders, half of one’s deposit is due on sight, then the second half is due when the installation job begins taking place. Prices vary, depending on services desired. For more information, visit Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or