Women Uplift and Inspire Through Barre Fitness 3

In the Tru Barre studio, minds and bodies alike are celebrated. The beauty of unity and female empowerment is present.

A group of females enter the well-lit studio, dressed in comfortable gym apparel with body-positive affirmations or the company logo displayed across the front. One-by-one they remove their shoes and place their bags in the appropriate cubby. During the course of the workout, each person proceeds to perform with weights and do various moves on a ballet bar. Demi Lovato’s upbeat, chart-topping hit, “Solo,” pumps through the loudspeaker as the instructor moves around the room in a swift motion, offering tips and encouraging everyone to keep up the good work. Joined together by a mix of adrenaline, sweat and the determination to make every minute count, the women are fresh-faced with a sunny disposition, ready to tackle the rest of the workout. 

The Owner of Tru Barre Studio, Susan Costigan, discovered her love for barre after suffering a “debilitating shoulder injury,” which ultimately inspired her to open her own fitness studio in Akron, OH, in 2014. She has since then expanded to a second location in Medina, OH, this year. 

Barre incorporates elements of ballet, flexibility, interval strength training and Pilates to give fitness-aspiring gurus the chance to utilize tools such as a ballet bar and exercise balls to transform their mental and physical being. 

According to the official Tru Barre website, one will “build lean muscle mass, increase flexibility, decrease body fat and improve [their] posture.” 

With an everlasting love for health and fitness, Susan has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She divulged that she chose Medina’s location due to the “amazing community” and the ideal demographic. 

At both locations, a variety of classes are offered. Mixed Barre is their class perfect for all all levels, from fitness enthusiasts to those just starting out. Tru Barre is their advanced one-hour class that is a powerful total body workout. Last but not least is their Express class, a 45-minute workout that wastes no time by moving at a faster pace than the one-hour classes.

Focused on empowering individuals to look and feel their best, the studio inspires people of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. 

Rebecca Alspach, a Medina resident, has been attending the Medina location since August, taking the Mixed Barre class. Rebecca considers fitness model and entrepreneur, Brooke Burke, to be one of her role models. With a passion for health and wellness, Rebecca stays in shape by doing Barre, Pilates and yoga. 

“[Barre] is helping me maintain my strength; it has definitely made me more flexible,” says Rebecca. “The fun thing about it is that it is very graceful and feminine.”

For those that have limitations, the studio offers personal modifications for physical injuries, little workout experience and so on. Susan noted that women are encouraged to put mindfulness at the forefront of each activity. 

“Barre has set itself apart… it is a final destination for a lot of women who have found themselves in a place where all other options are not options,” Susan explains. “They know they are going to get a fantastic workout at their level, their speed [and] their pace.

Class packages range anywhere from $10 to $270, with one’s first class free. Individuals are also eligible to receive a free week, although they need to contact the studio to make a reservation. Class times range from 6 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. daily. Schedules for both the Akron and Medina locations can be found on the free MINDBODY app, as well as the free Tru Barre Studio app.

It is highly suggested individuals take the barre essentials workshop, which is a free hour-long program that demonstrates all poses completed in class, as well as allows clients to meet with instructors for potential feedback. 

For those interested in attending, wear breathable workout attire, socks with good traction and bring water to hydrate. Clients are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance. Additionally, both studios have a fashion boutique, complete with athleisure apparel and other items available for purchase. For more information, visit Facebook, Instagram or their official website: www.tuckburnshake.com.