January marks the beginning of not only a new calendar year, but also the opportunity for setting personal goals. That marathon you’ve told yourself you’re going to start training for for the past five years, let’s start now! Or maybe you want to try meditation or learn how to make sushi; whatever it is that you’re interested in, go for it. No holding back, no waiting for the “right time,” no excuses. The worst thing that could happen is that it doesn’t work out and you learn something new about yourself. 

For example, a few years ago I tried to start training for a 5K. I ran cross country in middle school and despised every second of it, but thought I should try to push past my hatred for running and assumed that if I started doing it every day that I would eventually love it.

While this may work for some people, it certainly did not work well for me. I ran a few miles every day for about a week, hating every second of it, before I decided that there has to be a better way for me to lead a healthy, active lifestyle without hating the active part. 

So, I did some research and started trying out a few local gyms. I can still remember the day I tried HIIT (high intensity interval training) for the first time. It was in the summer of 2017 and after my first class I felt so incredibly tired, but so amazing. I had just completed what felt like hundreds of burpees and learned how to do my first squat clean, but it made my body feel so good. And guess what? Now I’m able to run a 5K not because I jog on a treadmill every day, but because I exercise in a way that works for my body

Whatever your goals may be, I hope that this issue will inspire you to focus on wellness in the new year. And while maintaining a balanced diet and exercise regimen are vital to your physical health, overall wellness includes your mental health as well.

This month, Medina County Lifestyle encourages you to live your best life by taking care of yourself both inside and out. Whether you’re looking for some helpful information about setting and reaching your goals, discovering the art of Barre fitness or want to try out a refreshing new smoothie recipe, we’ve got you covered. 

Happy New Year, 

Emily Shea, Editor