Restoring Your Mind, Body and Soul 6

In unprecedented frequency, the words “stress” and “vacation” are being used in the same sentence. Go on social media and get bombarded with everyone’s political views, hardships and even comparing our own inadequacies to others. Another Monday approaches and we enter into the same routine of work, deadlines and family obligations, and maybe even daily disappointments. Over and over again, our mind and bodies are subjected to the added stress, which impacts our physical and mental health and can actually shorten one’s life if not given the opportunity to decompress.

Even employers are finally starting to realize how these added stresses are contributing to their employee’s productivity, peer relationships and their inability to meet deadlines or take pride in their work. Research from the Incentive Research Foundation, has proven that a relaxing vacation that offers an opportunity to de-stress can stay with someone for up to six months after they return home. In fact, employees return back to work with a new attitude, feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. This is just one reason why Red Travel began offering rewards trips and employee travel certificates.  

Do you need this type of escape? A knowledgeable travel advisor will be up to speed on the options for those who need a spa or wellness vacation. At Red Travel, we take the time to learn more about what our clients would like to accomplish during their travels. And we can generally determine, based on our conversation, if a spa vacation will help improve their physical and mental health.

When looking for that much needed escape, most will imagine blue waters, white sand, the smells of the tropics and beautiful weather. By taking a short flight, you can find this tranquil paradise throughout the Caribbean on almost any budget. Just like there are party resorts, romantic resorts or family options, there are spa resorts that primarily focus on wellness and exercise.   

Although we recommend meeting with a trained travel advisor for the best options, here is a starting point for finding the perfect spa and wellness vacation.

Half Moon Resort and Villas, Jamaica

This resort is a destination in itself, located on 400 acres of meticulously manicured grounds that are completely beachfront. Their award-winning Fern Tree Spa is unlike any other in the Caribbean. They unite body, mind and soul with the combination of skin, gut health and overall mental peace. Their Jamaican spa team has recently been trained in New York and Thailand to learn Thai Yoga massage, Therapeutic Thai Massage and even Thai Medical Massage. Half Moon uses spa, acupressure, meditation and personalized nutrition plans for their 3-day rejuvenating sessions.  

Half Moon’s philosophy is to unite mind, body and spirit. Their wellness options include meaningful experiences like outdoor yoga and labyrinth meditation. Detox, restorative, hatha and vinyasa yoga are a few of the many mind- and body-healing activities that are incorporated in the traveler’s daily exercise routine. Body treatments, therapeutic massage, gentlemen’s spa, healthy diet options and daily meditation is a sampling of what you can expect with their holistic spa and wellness program. Now add a beautiful beach, blue waters, an amazing golf course, an equestrian center, water sports and more–you just cannot beat this Jamaican wellness experience.

Zoetry Resorts

The Greek word “Zoë” meaning “life,” “poetry,” and “artful creation,” is what inspired the Zoetry Resorts, which focus on wellness and vitality. These resorts are located in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Their retreats exude a tropical, calm and quiet ambiance. Sounds of nature resonate throughout their boutique-styled resorts and their holistically-designed suites are secluded in a relaxing haven.  

Gut health is a priority at all of the Zoetry Resorts. Their menu options can accommodate any and all dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegan. Their gourmet chefs specialize in healthful, organic and holistic award-winning menus to tempt any discriminating palate.  

At Zoetry Resorts, you can combine their endless elegance, spa and rejuvenation retreats, healthy temptations, spectacular serenity and a blend of modern and ancient treatments for a relaxing, revitalizing and detoxifying escape. This will allow you to return home with crystal clarity and contentment to take on the next batch of daily challenges.

Contact any of our Red Travel Advisors for guidance for a passionate client focus where we believe all our clients should come back with a WOW vacation experience.