New Year, New Body, New You 2

20 Minutes, Twice a Week Is All It Takes!

At My Personal Trainer, owner and trainer Eric Schaefer has been showing his clients for years how they can transform their bodies with just two 20-minute workouts per week. Sounds too good to be true, I know. But it isn’t. 

My Personal Trainer has been able to thrive and retain it’s customers for one simple reason: It works. With a personalized training schedule set specifically for you and a high-intensity anaerobic workout designed to train the whole body with every visit, you will indeed see the results that you have been hoping for. I saw proof of this myself as I sat with Eric in his office, viewing the numerous before-and-after photos of happy customers; men and women, both young and old. All of them proudly showing off their results.

 “A big misconception in this industry is that more is better,” says Schaefer. “Over-training can lead to three big problems: (1) You hit a strength plateau, (2) Sometimes women can gain weight, which is not what they intended to do and (3) The worst case scenario: You get injured. We don’t want any of that…we want to train your body the right way so you get the results you want in an intense, yet efficient, manner.”

Later, as Eric and I talked and toured the studio, I asked him, “How is it possible to get a good workout in just 20 minutes?” He immediately asked me if I was comfortable enough to get on just one machine and do a few reps so he could show me. I jumped on the nearest machine (leg extension) and with a little tinkering of settings and weights, he put me to work. 

The first thing I immediately noticed was that he chose a very good weight for me to start with–not to heavy, not too light. The second thing I noticed was the pace of the reps I was taking. It was much slower than I was used to and that really made me concentrate on my form. Within about 90 seconds of doing slow, concentrated reps I had reached the point where my form was about to be compromised. He noticed this and had me stop at that point. 

“Now, if I were training you as I train my clients, I would already have the next machine set for you and you would then immediately move on over to the next machine and work on a different muscle group,” Eric says to me.

I could see then how 90 seconds on several different machines, working several different muscle groups could give me a full body workout in such a short time. It’s the kind of workout that safely pushes you to your limits and doesn’t require you to spend several hours per week in the gym.  What a concept!  

If you’ve ever made that New Year’s resolution that you were going to get in shape (which is almost everyone), only to find yourself giving up on that resolution sometime in February or March (also almost everyone), do yourself a favor and make 2019 the year that you actually keep it by working out a new way with My Personal Trainer!  

Visit the My Personal Trainer website at or stop by any of their 4 locations in the Greater Cleveland area:

Strongsville- 20930 Drake Rd, (440) 878-9000

Berea- 381 W. Bagley Rd, (440) 234-3075 

Broadview Heights- 7985 Broadview Rd, (440) 838-8400

Westlake- 25959 Detroit Rd, (440) 808-0000