For The Home

One of my best friends has a sixth sense for interior decorating. She’s so talented, but she’s not even an interior decorator. (She’s actually a nurse.)  I, on the other hand, like to wing it. My apartment follows no color scheme and is basically a conglomerate of items I’ve bought over the years simply because they look cool. And whether the person that you’re shopping for is like me or my best friend, one thing we have in common is that we want our homes to be warm and inviting to our friends and family. Much like other people, we want our space to welcome our guests with open arms, especially during the holidays. So here are five items that bring a sense of warmth and love to a space during such a time of gathering. Enjoy!

  1. Root Candles Peppermint Bark 13oz. Candle, $30, Root Candles
  2. Barnwood Corner TV Stand with Fireplace, $2,699, Walnut Creek Furniture
  3. Wooden Blinds, Prices Vary, Budget Blinds of Medina County
  4. Ohio State University Embroidered Pillow, $168,
  5. Heywood Armchair and Ottoman, $320.99,

For The Foodie

We all know this type of person. You know, the one that loves all things food. Sometimes referred to as a gourmand, a gastronome or even an epicure, a foodie is someone who takes a particular interest in food and drinks. Whether it’s in the kitchen or out in the community–although, it’s typically both–foodies are curious souls that often take interest in food-oriented activities such as wine tastings, restaurant openings and closings, brewery tours and beer samplings, cooking classes, food fads, food science and culinary tourism. This list of carefully curated gifts is foodie approved by none other than myself and will provide that special foodie in your life with the perfect holiday present to keep their food-lovin’ spirit alive. 

  1. Timber Lodge Gift Certificate, $25-$100, Timber Lodge or 
  2. Bearded Butcher Blend 4 Pack, $32.99, White Feather Meats
  3. Custom Order from Honey Bee Bakery, Prices Vary, Honey Bee Bakery
  4. Sugarwish, $18.50-$168,
  5. Something’s Popping Holiday Tin, $26.75-$34.95, Something’s Popping or

For The One That’s Hard To Shop For

In the age of consumerism, we are constantly–and I mean constantly–bombarded with the latest and greatest deals that seem to change by the second. It’s overwhelming. Unfortunately, this can make buying the perfect present for someone that already seems to have it all very difficult. The best thing to do: Think simple and don’t give yourself too many options. It’s true that the more options you have, the harder it’s going to be to make a decision. (You, walking through the department store aisles, searching aimlessly for Christmas gifts until your eyeballs are about to pop out of your head, listen closely.) Here are five gifts that you simply can’t go wrong with buying this holiday season. They are, what you might consider, essentials–things someone either can’t live without or didn’t know they needed. That, my friends, is the perfect kind of present. 

  1. Luna and Stella Flower Locket, $325,
  2. Airpods, $159,
  3. Go Girl Designs Boho Collection in Rose Gold, $20,
  4. Something special from Medina Gem Company, prices vary, Medina Gem Company
  5. Instant Pot Duo Plus80 9-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, 8-Qt, $159.99, Williams Sonoma