Create the perfect space for your family and friends this holiday season

The holidays are officially upon us, and for many they’re not complete without welcoming our friends and family into our homes or traveling to see them ourselves.  As we all know, having extra guests in the house can be either fun and eventful or stressful and a bit cramped.  Obviously, a lot of that depends on the layout and design of your house.  Mike Burianek, owner of Modern Home Concepts, says he has definitely seen a shift in his customers’ priorities and design choices since he started his business in 2006. 

“Almost all of my customers have expressed their desire to have a home that is not too overwhelming in size, but also spacious enough to accommodate the visitors they regularly get.  Be it their own children coming home from college for the weekend, family or friends staying for a short visit during the holidays or maybe their grandchildren staying for a week or two with them in the summer,” he says. “People are putting just as much thought into their spare bedrooms and bathrooms as they are other areas of the house.” 

Another trend Burianek has noticed is the re-emergence and rising popularity of the ranch-style house.  “Our ranch-style floor plans are our most popular design…by far,”  Burianek says. Ranch homes offer what a lot of people are looking for in today’s housing market: an open floor plan, a main floor master bedroom, great indoor/outdoor flow and more natural lighting.  All these qualities are great features in a house when welcoming others into your home. 

Because people are putting so much thought into making sure their guests have their own space while they are in their home, it makes sense that they are also making the effort to decorate those areas, especially during the holidays to make their friends and family feel more welcome and at home during their stay.  One easy and cost-effective way to bring in a little holiday cheer for your guests is to simply decorate their bedroom and bathroom with fresh pine garland and pine cones.  Or maybe a small tree with white lights and minimal decorations in the corner of their bedroom.  For the bathroom, you could add a holiday-scented soap on top of a clean towel to welcome them as they unpack their toiletries and get settled in.  Little things like these are a nice way to show your guests that while they may be away from home, they can still feel welcome and enjoy their stay.  

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