Medina’s Timber Lodge is the steak house of choice for locals

When talking to Timber Lodge owner, Ron Levitt, about the past, present and future of his restaurant, you can hear and see the passion that he puts into every aspect of the Medina-based steakhouse.  It should come as no surprise that Timber Lodge is continuously listed among the finest steak houses in the Greater Cleveland area year after year.  Levitt spares no expense when it comes to providing his customers with the highest quality meat, seafood, fresh produce, wine and, most importantly, service.  Many of the servers that you see at the restaurant have been with Levitt for several years.  He beams with pride and great satisfaction when he talks about the continuous training that his staff goes through and ensures that your server is an expert on everything that Timber Lodge has to offer. 

“I expect my staff to know everything about what we are doing here–where the cuts of meat come from and how to explain it to people, which wines pair with the food they ordered, everything,” said Levitt. “That’s why we’re No. 1 on Trip Advisor out of all the restaurants around!  We have over 780 reviews and we’re No. 1…there’s a reason for that; because we look at the details, and the details are where it’s at.”

As Levitt gave me a tour of the restaurant, he was also proud to tell me that no expense is spared when it comes to putting money back into the restaurant as well.  I noticed this before I even entered the building as I pulled into the parking lot.  It was obvious to me that it had recently been repaved and all parking spots were freshly painted. 

“We’ve gone through so many updates in the building.  Every year we go through great transitions to give our guests the very best and we are constantly reinventing ourselves and giving back to the public.  I have all my wood floors resurfaced every three years. Our restrooms are spotless; we just remodeled them as well,” he said.  “That says something about who we are.”

Another thing that says something about who Timber Lodge is, obviously, the food.  The restaurant was recently voted as winner of Best Steakhouse 2018 by Cleveland Hot List.  “No one can touch us on our Prime Rib,” Levitt said as he showed me the rotisserie oven that held two large and freshly seasoned cuts of beef.  I looked in to see the drippings from the standing rib roasts were basting one another as they revolved around inside.  “The Prime Rib and our Filet are our mainstays and that’s why people come.” 

This time of year also gives locals another reason to come to Timber Lodge: Lobster season!  “This year we’re really doing something different…we’re going with 2 lb. lobsters!” he proudly proclaimed.  “Part of our whole thing with Timber Lodge is giving people the ‘Oh, wow!’ effect, and with a 2 lb. fresh Maine lobster, you can’t help but get the ‘Oh, wow!’ effect.” 

Along with the lobster feast entrees’, Timber Lodge is also serving fresh clams along with their famous homemade lobster bisque and clam chowder.  Other delicious seafood daily features will also available all season long.  

As we continued our conversation and made our way through the kitchen, I noticed several staff busily working on their own little projects.  It’s barely even noon and the kitchen is in full swing preparing for the Friday night dinner crowd.  “Our prep guy comes in at 4 a.m. and our chef comes in at 7 a.m.  When you’re working with everything from scratch, that’s what it takes.” Just after he said this,  he reached over to a box and opened it for me to look at.  “Look at the size of these potatoes,” he said as he pulled one out.  “When you get this potato, it says, ‘Oh, wow!’ just like our cakes, just like our lobsters, just like our steaks.” 

Despite being impressed with Levitt’s tour of his restaurant, I was not surprised by anything that I had seen or heard that day.  I, like so many of our local readers, have eaten at Timber Lodge before and everything that he was telling me, I could agree with because I already knew from past visits to his restaurant.  Timber Lodge has a great and respected reputation for a reason.  It didn’t become one of the busiest and most esteemed independent restaurants around because of it’s name or location.  It became the best steak house in the area because of one thing: Ron Levitt’s commitment to excellence. “This area was hungry for a better steak house,” Levitt said to me.  And a better steak house is exactly what the people of Medina get when they come to Timber Lodge.


Timber Lodge

2809 Pearl Road

Medina, OH