Builders, bakers, potters, painters, innovators, inventors, creators…makers; ah yes, that’s the word I am looking for! There are so many ways to describe, categorize and draw upon the makers in our community. We often imagine that they will come to us in the form of artists or crafters, but they can also be poets, writers, playwrights, actors, songwriters, designers, builders, bakers or even candlemakers. 

The truth is, our community is teeming with makers of all kinds that produce the very best when it comes to both tangible and intangible things. Sometimes it’s a moist vanilla cupcake topped with a soft dollop of buttercream icing. Other times it’s the feeling of warmth and joy that comes to you when you light the lavender candle in your living room as you relax with your loving family after a long day at work. Makers not only have the ability to make us things, they have the ability to bring happiness into our hearts and our homes. 

This issue is dedicated to the makers that bring pure love and joy to us each and every day. Often they go unnoticed and unthanked while continuing to do their live’s work. It’s my hope that this issue acts a thank you to not only the makers that were featured, but to each and every maker in our wonderful community. Without makers our world things would be very black and white, so thank you for bringing the color. Please keep baking, and building, and writing, and singing, and drawing, and sculpting and everything in between. 

As always, thank you to each and every person for reading our magazine. I strive to shine a light on people and experiences that make this town amazing and to inspire you each month. 

All the best, 


Emily Shea, Editor