Three books about love, loss, life and the power of growth through faith.

1. Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World by Bob Goff

Brought to you by New York Times best selling author, Bob Goff, Love Does is a book about action, faith and most importantly, faith in action. The stories in Goff’s novel are nothing short of amazing, offering unique and profound life lessons from whimsical happenings and hilarious true stories. Designed to inspire each reader to live his life to the fullest, Goff describes that each and every person in this world can do great things with Jesus as their guide. 

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2. Dog Crazy: A Novel of Love Lost and Found by Meg Donohue

Step inside the life of dog bereavement counselor, Maggie Brennan, as she finds herself entangled in a mystery that forces her to face her biggest fears. Offering a deeply emotional perspective into a story of life, loss and love, Dog Crazy captures the bonds of love, the pain of separation, and the power dogs have to heal us. 

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3. Hope For The Flowers by Trina Paulus

This short, emblematic novel is an inspiring story about the realization of one’s true destiny as told through the lives of caterpillars Stripe and Yellow. First published in 1972, Hope For The Flowers has been enjoyed by adults and children alike for its simple, yet essential messages of love, transformation, beauty and growth for many decades. 

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