It’s with much excitement and few remaining rookie jitters that I bring you Medina County Lifestyle’s Kids + Pets issue. This issue has been a joy for me to work on. I love both kids and pets, although I only boast having one of those two things. (I’ll let you guess which one.) However, I like to think of this issue as “The Family Issue” because there would, of course, be no kids or pets without the parents. And there is no better time to celebrate family than during the tail end of the summer. Why, you ask? Simply because summer is a joyous season and as it comes to a close I think it is important to savor the remaining weeks we have before the school bell rings. 

I look back on my summers as a child with a big heart and tears in my eyes as I remember all the fond memories that were created during this season. More often than not, you could find me at the lake in my neighborhood, diving into the crisp water time and time again until my mother plopped a large piece of watermelon in front of my sun-kissed checks and said, “Eat. Then you can swim some more.” I’d devour the watermelon all the way down to the rind in less the minute, slurping every last drop of juice that dripped down my face, my only worry being how fast I could get back in that refreshing water. Summer is a truly magical time for children. 

I hope that this issue fills both your mind and your heart with warm fuzzy feelings for your loved ones. Hold them close (yes, even your pets) and revel in these last few weeks of summer in our beautiful community. 

Warmest regards, 


Emily Shea