Girlfriend Getaway: Why Women Love Wadsworth 8

Need to escape from reality for a little while? You don’t need to look far!

Wadsworth has a reputation for being a rural community, which is partially true. Yes, the city is overflowing with rolling fields and other scenic attractions, but it has also become an enchanting tourist destination in recent years. Its lovely Victorian Downtown, its local parks and wine cellars, and the pleasant people that call it home make it an unforgettable place to pay a visit. Whether you’re looking for a girl’s night out or a family-friendly staycation, you can find everything you’re looking for right in Wadsworth. Though it is at the south end of our county, this pretty place is only a short drive away.


Green Leaf Park

1674 S. Medina Line Road, Sharon Center

In nearby Sharon Center is a picturesque park that’s sure to enchant. This 62-acre parcel was once a gravel pit, but today it is an enchantingly verdant escape. Its wildflower field, butterfly garden, and historic cabin will leave you delighted.


Downtown Wadsworth

Main Street, Wadsworth

The picturesque Downtown Wadsworth area is straight out of a fairy tale. This real-life model train town is full of awesome places to shop. From accessory stores to antique and music stores, the selection in this city is a treasure.


Woodlawn Cemetery

200 College Street, Wadsworth

This cemetery tells tales of the locals that made this region unique, and it also captures a piece of international history. The porthole cover from the U.S.S. Maine, which blew up in Havana Harbor in 1898, is on display here.


Downtown Wadsworth

Main Street, Wadsworth

While you’re exploring the downtown district, you will encounter a plethora of picturesque eateries. Whether you’re craving diner food or libations and live music, there’s something waiting here to delight your palate. You can feed your literary hunger here, too!


Wolf Creek Environmental Center

6100 Ridge Road, Wadsworth

This enchanting escape is a stark contrast to the urban jungles (aka cities) that dot Northeast Ohio. Serene, peaceful, and indescribably beautiful, this 248-acre nature preserve has it all. For a truly picturesque escape, hike the Pine Forest Loop trail.