Spring Into A Yard You’ll Love 6

“My favorite time with the maintenance end of landscaping is when I’m out there with my hands in the dirt planting flowers,” reminisces Kristin Bishop, Officer Manger/Maintenance Manager of JTS Landscaping in Seville. “When it’s May and the sun is shining… a beautiful day is especially accented by those gorgeous annuals that really make the colors of the landscape pop.”

Landscaping is in Kristin Bishop’s blood. She and her brother Joe Pavlovicz, Owner of JTS Landscaping, started working for a local garden center in their youth. Their time there sparked a passion, and Pavlovicz went on to establish JTS Landscaping in 1994.

“I began my adult life trying different careers,” explains Bishop. “I have been with JTS Landscaping since 2006. I like to say that I came back to it, This was meant to be my industry.”

Since 1994, JTS Landscaping has made a name for themselves as a design-build firm. Their attention to detail, passionate and creative workers, and family-oriented atmosphere has allowed them to beautify landscapes across Northeast Ohio.

“We’ll come out when a customer calls, walk around the house, discuss what their needs are, what the designers thoughts are, and then the designer puts it to paper,” she says. “Of course, we hope to install it at that point. But design and installation is only one of the many services we provide.”

About four years ago, JTS Landscaping began providing maintenance services. That includes mowing, weed pulling, snow removal, and even Christmas light displays in the winter. Each crew tackles an independent task, allowing them to hone their skills and become experts of their craft.

“We have a crew that does Landscaping, a crew that does hardscaping, and then our maintenance team,” Bishop says.”We do everything on the outside of your home as far as maintenance, flower planting, lighting… anything that you can think of as far as landscaping. If you can dream it, we can build it.”

“I don’t think people realize that they can call us and work with a designer in regards to designing a raised garden bed,” she says. “We’ll bring in really high-quality top soil and manure. We can also install fences, so we will set you up for a successful season of growing.

“Last year we designed a raised garden bed with a hardstone walkway through it, and it’s fenced all the way around with gates. Gardens can provide a dreamy getaway on top of providing you fresh goods for your dinner table.”

While your all-American garden will provide a bit of serenity to your yard and some flavor to your dinners, the all-American team at JTS Landscaping is always just a phone call away.

“The sky is the limit,” explains Bishop. “If you’re dreaming of a landscape you’ll love, we’ll help you bring it to life. With bulbs breaking through the soil and the world growing more verdant day by day, locals are starting to look to their own yards.

“Around April, our crews are usually out cleaning up winter debris that is left behind, repairing snow damage in the lawn, removing leaves, edging beds, and tackling early pruning. Spring fever has everyone thinking about spring cleaning, but it’s also not a bad time to start dreaming big.”

Whether you’re looking for help with spring cleanup and maintenance or a team to help you transform your landscape, the experts at JTS are ready to help.

“Tommy Baltic, our Hardscape foreman, has been with JTS since 1994,” says Bishop. “He’s kind of been Joey’s right hand man with the hardscape installations. We have a whole process regarding installing hardscapes, including base compaction and leveling pavers which are both very important. We also use lasers to shoot grades. It’s not a easy as just putting pavers down—we take precautions so that it doesn’t sink. We stand behind every job we do! We have a Hardscape team that usually works between March and November, tackling everything from patios to fireplaces. We have done walls, bridges, driveways, and so much more.”

JTS Landscaping’s dedication to doing “business the old-fashioned way” has made their employees and clients almost like a family. Several of their foremans have been with the company for decades, and they bring an unshakable passion to every project they tackle.

“There is more to landscaping than coming to your yard and making it pretty,” she chuckles. “It’s almost like starting a relationship. We’re here to walk you through the process. We focus on quality—not by just doing good work, but by doing the best work. If you have questions or concerns, we’re always just a phone call away. And we have a tightly-knit staff, so our landscapers will feel like friendly and familiar faces.

“We have a lot of repeat clients where we return every year and add on to last year’s project or tackle something completely new,” she continues. “It’s like calling up an old friend. We love catching up with returning customers and helping bring their dreams to life.”

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