K9s of Valor

Nate King grew up around dogs. He always knew he wanted to be a K9 Officer, so when Canton K9 Jethro was killed in the line of duty, King knew he could no longer sit back in silence.

“Right now I work as a police dispatcher, though I am in the process of becoming a police officer,” King explains. “I’ve always had a dog, and recently my German Shepherd passed away. He thought he was a K9, and our bond was incredible. When he passed, and when Jethro passed, it made me want to get involved with police departments in a whole new way.”

K9s of Valor was King’s way of assisting local police departments and keeping officers safe. Through this 501c3 nonprofit organization, he and his team of volunteers has delivered trauma kits, Narcan overdose kits, and care packages to local and national K-9 units. Many of those units rely on donations to buy supplies.

“This is an incredible opportunity to impact the community and help people,” King explains. “We’ve assisted units locally and across the country. So far, we have donated 65 trauma kits, 163 overdose kits, and 130 care packages to officers in need.”

The goal of K9s of Valor is to provide every K9 unit with the life saving equipment that they need. Whether that means a trauma kit, a narcan overdose kit, assistance with surgery costs, or heat alarms that protect K9 officers, the volunteers of K9s of Valor are ready to help.

“We believe every department should have the supplies necessary to save lives,” says King. “Heat alarms are particularly important to our K9 Officers. If a dog is in the car and it gets too hot, a heat alarm will alert the officer, activate the sirens, and kick on an emergency fan. Those systems also have an emergency button so if an officer is in trouble, they can hit a button and release the doors so the dog can jump into action. They’re pricey units, but they save lives. We’d love to provide these to every department. We’re increasing fundraising to accomplish this goal.”

Recently, K9s of Valor hosted a fundraising event at local Chipotles to assist the Medina County K9 Unit. You will also spot them at the upcoming Medina County Pet-Tacular! on May 6. You may also want to keep your eyes peeled, because you’ll likely see this fantastic organization at upcoming events later this summer.

“We’ve helped out Medina County, the University of Akron, Wadsworth, Kent State Police, Streetsboro…. We’ve come a long way, done quite a bit in Stark and Summit Counties in addition to Medina, and we’ve helped canines across the country. The vision was originally to help provide trauma kits, but when there’s a need, there is a way. So far, we’ve offered funding to officers in over twelve states, and we get new requests every day.”

Whether they walk on two legs or four, we love our local officers and the safety that they provide our communities.If you are ready to get involved, network with Nate King at nate@k9sofvalor.org. For more information, visit K9sOfValor.org 
or Facebook.com/K9sOfValor.