Life in Medina County is a dream, and it’s certainly worth celebrating. Our county has some of the most picturesque communities in the entire state, and we are greeted to a beautiful scene every single time we step out our front door. No matter if it’s still snowing or if flowers are finally breaking through the dirt–we’ve made our home in a beautiful area.

But, one thing that is definitely not beautiful is the process of spring cleaning. When this time of year rolls around, it’s out with the old and in with new, both when it comes to decluttering and when it comes to trends. From cover to cover, local experts talk about the best trends to welcome in this spring and how to beautify your environment. You’ll also get an unrivaled look into what the future of smart home technology has in store, and this new perspective will change your life. Get ready to feel at home in your home, because your surroundings will be spruced up in no time. Oh, and don’t be afraid to dream big. When it comes to your home, your personal space should be personalized to you.

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