Budget Blinds brings the future of home automation to Medina County

The future is here, and you won’t believe how user-friendly it is. Budget Blinds, which helps you personalize your home space with a customized window covering solution, has seen it first-hand, and they’re eager to welcome the new technology into the Medina community. 

“One of the things that has really taken off over the past year or so is home automation through Lutron, and we are a Lutron Certified Smart Home dealer” explains Owner Matt Bradley. “They actually invented the dimmer switch over 50 years ago, so they’ve been around a really long time and are very good at what they do. Our partnership allows you to integrate smart technology into your home in a fashionable way.”

Blind automation is not like shades were in the old movies, laughs Matt, referencing the cartoonish scenes where shades go flopping up into the windows. Automated shades have actually come a long way, and they come in a stunning variety of textures and colors. In fact, Lutron provides Budget Blinds with some exclusive fabrics that you cannot find anywhere else. 

“The technology, the automation of it, goes beyond just motorization,” explains Matt. “There’s a difference between motorization and automation. Motorization involves a remote of some sort or a button. The automation part is where smart technology gets involved and starts making your life easier.” 

While automation once meant pushing a button, you can now control your home through an app on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. You can set up shades, lights, thermostats, music, and other room settings through your Lutron App, allowing you to control room comfort and live like never before.

“With this technology, you can pre-set scenes,” he says. “For example, the smart technology in your phone knows when the sun rises. You can program a scene where your shades automatically go up at sunrise for example. You can even create settings to automatically turn on lights and the furnace and raise the blinds if you are within a certain distance from your home. 

“Home automation is an incredible game changer. In the past, technology has kind of scared people. Now, it seems there is much more familiarity with it, and people are growing comfortable with what the future holds.” 

And, the practicality of automation is undeniable. Imagine an 18-foot high window that sits two stories up. It creates a beautiful setting, but the sun comes baking in at certain points every day and how are you going to put your shade down? With home automation, you can set that blind to come down when the sun is most blistering. 

The right blinds can even cut energy costs. Experts estimate that we lose an excess of 50% of our home’s heating and cooling through the windows. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the right products can cut heat loss by as much as 25 percent, which can translate to lower utility bills. 

“But if you forget to put that blind down, what good does it do you? With automation, you can set your blinds to come down at peak glare times, or to come down more in the wintertime. You can program your shades to come down at night for increased warmth. It helps you save money, accomplish peace of mind, and, it even provides security.

“Say you’re traveling for vacation and you’re gone for two weeks,” Matt considers. “People may notice that lights are off and there isn’t any movement in the home. But with automation, everything is business as usual. You can set it so that your shades and lights randomly go off and on at different points of the day. You can control everything in your house from the other side of the world with automation.” 

Lutron has 24/7 customer support, so if you encounter a “shade emergency,” they are waiting to help you out. And, their products through Budget Blinds will meet and exceed your style expectations. 

“You should feel at home in your living space, and our selection will help you build up a comfortable atmosphere. Texture is one trend I find is definitely coming in. Not so much a pattern, like back in the day when people preferred florals for example. Just a bit of texture that gives your shades some depth, rather than the traditional plain solid white or beige.” 

Technology and trends are not all that has changed in the past year. Budget Blinds of Medina is more family-oriented than ever, now that it features a father-son team of Matt and Jake dedicated to serving and celebrating their community. Budget Blinds can help you complete the perfect room with window coverings at the budget that’s right for you, so what are you waiting for? Design and technology work together flawlessly in their realm of expertise, and they’ll help you bring the future into your home. 

To set up a free consultation, contact Matt and Jake Bradley at 
MKBradley@BudgetBlinds.com or call 330.763.1585.