High schoolers love to get together to eat, play games, and have fun, so why not do it in a spiritually supportive environment? Cru High School is a program that helps students to do just that.  

Nicole Doeringer, the director of Cru in the Cleveland area, says Cru is “a ministry for high schoolers that really helps them to consider the spiritual part of their lives, so we help to resource them with all of that.”  

Doeringer organizes monthly events in different communities on weekends where students can come to hear from other students and have a good time. 

There are other ways for students to get involved in Cru along with attending the events, such as conferences, summer trips, and spring break trips. “One other way they can get involved is attending just a four-week group, which we’re calling them Thrive Groups, where you can explore just what does it mean to have a spiritual life and what does that mean for them individually,” says Doeringer.  

Students can also have a mentoring relationship with one of Cru’s volunteer adults where they can work through struggles, ask questions, and learn how to have a spiritual influence on others.  

Doeringer says she first was involved in Cru while she was attending college. “There were people who invited me to come to a Bible study, and there was someone who invited me to go to a weekly meeting. So, I was involved as a student in college, and then after that I went on staff full time with Cru at Bowling Green.” This connection allowed her to bring Cru to Cleveland this year for the first time, adding to the 36 Cru ministries throughout the United States.

“I would just really encourage students to come and try it to see if it’s something that they could enjoy and be around. I love the students, getting to know them, partnering with the community and local churches, and I think they’re going to love it,” Doeringer concluded.

For more information on this spiritual program, visit cru.org.

Alyssa Murral, a freshman at Brunswick High School, is one of over fifty student “backpack journalists” (grades 6-12) in the award-winning BEAT Video Program. The program is sponsored by Scene75 (scene75.com), RPM, Plum Creek Assisted Living Community, Baskets Galore, Medina County Arts Council, Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund, Brunswick Eagles 3505, and the Brunswick Rotary Club. Go to thebeat22.com to learn more about the Program, or visit thebeat.viebit.com to view videos produced by the students.