One of the many after-school activities at Memorial Elementary School is the M&M’s Club, also known as Memorial’s Mad Scientists. The club provides hands-on activities for fourth and fifth-graders at Memorial. 

The club is run by Jennifer Bierman, a teacher who has the job teaching fourth-graders every day. As a child, Bierman would spend her days off of school at her mother’s school teaching and helping out. She started co-teaching with Annemarie Hayest, a third-grade teacher at Memorial when she finished college at Malone University. Bierman has taught at Memorial for three years as a fourth-grade teacher. 

“Without the support of my family and friends, it would have been a very lonely journey,” said Bierman. Bierman’s career would not be the same without the help of her family and friends. They have supported Bierman every step of the way and still support her now.

The M&M’s club takes place in the Memorial Elementary School Multipurpose Room, which is used for various school exercises. The club focuses on activities where club members can be part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities. Some topics they focus on include engineering, coding, life science, recycling, and math-related activities. 

“My favorite part of the club is when we get to recycle all around the school,” commented Gabriella Bertoli, age 9. “In the future of the M&M’s Club I want to build a garden of flowers or vegetables and teach the kids in the M&M’s Club, so then the children in the club can learn about taking care of vegetables and flowers.”

Kylie Skoch, age 9, added, “I think Miss.Bierman does an amazing job! She does a lot of fun and cool things.” 

As long as Bierman is a teacher at Memorial, the fun and educational program will continue. “And even then I hope someone will continue it,” Bierman exclaimed. 

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