Timeless And Trendy 9

“I believe you are chosen for this kind of work,” says Cheryl Basilisco, co-owner of Esbi International Salon. She and her husband, Nuccio, provide services that beautify clients and enhance their lifestyle. “Everyday, you meet different people. They have different personalities and they face different situations. As a stylist, you have to put yourself on the back burner and focus on making them feel their best. Sometimes, that goes beyond the cutting and coloring, and it takes a special person to have the heart and care and compassion to work so closely with people.” 

That attitude is applied throughout their full service salon, which is staffed with both Esbi Stylists and Independent Stylists. Not only do their services keep clients looking and feeling youthful; they also utilize innovative techniques to keep you looking timeless and trendy. 

”Our staff specializes in hair, nail, skin care and special occasion styling services,” explains Basilisco. “We offer hair cutting and coloring, perming, relaxing, sugar waxing, microblading, extensions, and lash extensions, all set in an enchanting environment where you can truly relax.” 

The stylish environment of Esbi International Salon is best described as lavish, decorated with stunning murals inspired by artists who are, like the Esbi Stylists, emboldened by creating quality and personalized looks. 

One of their newest services is something they call Strand To Strand, and it is a unique process that completes hair extensions for chemotherapy patients. 

”It is amazing to be able to offer this service,” says Basilisco. She and Nuccio are members of a small group of professionals who are trained and certified in working with these special extensions. “All it takes is an inch to an inch and a half of hair to apply extensions. We discuss color and hair texture and custom blend each strand to create a full distribution of hair. In September, we added microblading and eyelash extensions to enhance our services for survivors.” 

The best part of this service, she explains, is being able to help those who faced incredible change regain a part of themselves. The staff at Esbi are trained to bring out and enhance your inner beauty, a task which they tackle using modern techniques. 

”Our techniques are unique,” she explains. “We cut with a European system where we lay the cut wet and cut it dry” to “where we lay the cut in wet and finish the cut dry, and every member of our staff receives continued education to refine their skills. Our staff is taught to adhere very closely to clients’ requests, working with the best products to enhance your look and improve your mood. Being a stylist involves applying knowledge, but more importantly, it’s all about caring for a client like they’re family.” 

Services at Esbi International Salon are priced by level, meaning that services can be customized to fit into your budget. Stylists are leveled based on years of experience: junior, senior, master, and artistic director. One may choose to work with a more experienced stylist for a haircut but a junior stylist for a color, equipping you with the ability to personalize your experience. 

”When a new client comes in, we will consider their hair type and texture as well as beauty goals when we pair them with a stylist. We do not just give you somebody behind the chair, we try to match you with someone who can bring to life your vision.” 

When you are considering a New Year’s resolution, you will probably think about improving your health. Oftentimes, it seems that we forget or neglect the health of our hair. It takes the correct professional products and treatments to keep your hair healthy, and haircuts should occur every so often to maintain a healthy style. Being matched with the right stylist will also impart to your knowledge to maintain and care for healthy hair. 

Esbi International Salon is located at 4193 Center Road in Brunswick. For more information, call 330.220.3724 or visit EsbiIntlSalon.com. Don’t forget to follow as be on Facebook and Instagram for deals and tips.