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How important is it that the nervous system is working as efficiently and optimally as possible? That may seem to be a silly question, but the truth of the matter is that many of us neglect that aspect of our health, and it is due to nothing more than a lack of understanding.  

Like many of us, Dr. Matthew Hamilton, who owns Maximum Potential Chiropractic with his wife Rae, learned about the importance of spinal health after he was injured.

”I knew from the time when I was a little kid that I wanted to care for people or animals, but the deciding moment came at 13 years old when I got undercut playing basketball,” he explains. “I went up for a rebound, got my legs taken out from under me, and I landed on my back. I couldn’t stand up. We went to the emergency room, and they did x-rays.” 

There were concerns that the young Hamilton may have fractured something during his landing, but the x-rays were not showing such an injury. He was given anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, and he couldn’t shake the thought that the process was ridiculous.

”At 13 years old I thought to myself, ‘This makes no sense. I fell and can’t stand up straight, how will a painkiller solve anything?'” 

Hamilton, who grew up in a small town south of Mansfield, went to the chiropractor almost entirely by chance.

”There was one chiropractor in my tiny town. My friend happened to go, and I decided to pay a visit myself. I went in the next morning, and the doctor did his analysis and took some x-rays. He happened to be having a busy morning, so I came back after his lunch break. He showed me my x-rays, at which point I found out I threw out my low back, pelvis, and my lumbar spine when I landed. Instead of my alignment being where it should be, it had shifted. It was a traumatic subluxation. He adjusted me, and I walked out of his office. I was playing on the court again the next night.” 

Inspired, Dr. Matt decided that he wanted to work in the chiropractic industry. He did not realize, though, that another incredible change would occur after his injury was treated.
”Growing up, I always experienced severe allergies. Sneezing, nose bleeds, puffy eyes… I had all the symptoms, and I was always miserable. My injury had occurred in December, but by the time spring rolled around I had no symptoms. My allergies were gone, not to be seen or spoken of again.” 

Birth trauma, accidents, and injuries impact nerves, which in turn impacts function. That may show up as pain, or it may show up as other issues. You may feel sinus pressure, allergies, or headaches, for example, and it can be related to your nervous system. Dr. Matt, it turned out, was just one of many people who did not realize that improving spinal function could improve his overall health. 

Thus came the spark of inspiration from which Maximum Potential Chiropractic was born 12 years ago. Their services all fall under the umbrella of chiropractic, but the benefits cost of addressing chiropractic health can be noted throughout the whole body. 

”The body is self-healing and self-regulating. The nervous system is the conduit that allows that to happen, it controls and allows the body to be self-healing and self-regulating. If you interfere with the nervous system in any way, it is going to directly impact the body’s ability to heal and regulate. 

”What most people do not consider is that the spine has an intimate relationship with the brain. Spinal health—neck, mid, low back, pelvic health—is a direct mirror of brain health. If you do not have good spine health, then you cannot have good nervous system health or good overall health. What we do and what we offer in here is chiropractic, but by being a gatekeeper to the nervous system, we help the body get back to a state of healing and regulating.” 

At a typical chiropractic appointment, they may say your alignment is off or a leg is short, and you will be adjusted so that your pain goes away. Are you going to go back? You don’t need to, the problem has been solved. But solving one problem does not mean that you are maintaining you are nervous system health, it’s simply treats one injury. This differs greatly from holistic health based chiropractors like Maximum Potential, who aims to be a one-stop-shop when it comes to caring for the nervous system, spine, and posture. 

”It only takes a natural approach to get the body back in balance the way it’s supposed to be so that we are able to express our maximum potential,” explains Dr. Hamilton. 

For some, this may mean exercise and stretches. For others it may take rehab or massage. Doctor Hamilton’s ultimate goal is teach people how to get their spine back to where it is supposed to be. 

”Adjustments is the foundation of what we do. Without that adjustment you will never remove the pressure, interference, or static on the nervous system. We will work with you to determine how often you should be in based on your needs.” 

When asked if many people have pre-existing damage that they are unaware of, Dr. Hamilton simply nodded. “Absolutely. A lot of damage could just be from your childhood. It could be from an accident, injury, or fall, or it could even be from birth trauma. Damage can come from sitting in school or a car accident, and if it is left untreated, it becomes a major stress as an adult. If your functionality is at a certain level and your stress is at a level beyond that, it will eventually start to take a toll. A lot of people are carrying this damage around and they have no clue.” 

A visit to Maximum Potential is easy. Testing will give you a percentage, “almost like a voltmeter,” adds Hamilton, that helps you understand your level of functionality. From there you can determine your course of action, and also answer the big questions: can Maximum Potential help, what will it take, and what will it cost. Equipped with this knowledge and easy-to-decipher information sheets, you will be in a position to make an educated and informed decision about your own health.

”If you are looking to start out the new year with a healthier lifestyle, a visit to the chiropractor maybe a benefit to you. There is one way to look at it: if you don’t have your health, what else do you have? We all want to be there for our family and friends, but if you don’t have your health you can’t give anything of yourself to other people. If you can move well, live well, and be well, you can ultimately give well. You can give well of your time and your resources to the stuff you care about, and you’ll be surprised how that can make a world of difference.” 

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