What Christmas Means To My Family

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently, each family with their different traditions. My family and I come from an Indian background, meaning the ways in which we celebrate Christmas are far different than many others. For us, Christmas is more of a family holiday then a religious holiday. We cherish the time given and become closer as a family.

A common thing we eat during Christmas is “mithai,” which are South Asian sweets. They include sugar and a vast combination of ingredients such as different flours, milk solids, fermented foods, root vegetables, raw and roasted seeds, seasonal fruits, fruit pastes, and dry fruits. We usually buy multiple boxes, considering that my dad loves them. It is also a very common gift to distribute to family friends.

Another common thing we do every year is go to our friend’s house to celebrate the holiday. We usually have a potluck and bring along a variety of different Indian foods. We usually play new games every year, despite how old we are.

Occasionally we dress up in traditional Indian outfits. Girls wear kurtis or anarkalis, and the boys wear kurtas. It is recommended to not wear black during festive times, so many people wear bright colors. I personally really enjoy to see all the different Indian outfits and colors during this time of the year, it contributes to the festivity.

Now, what is the best part about Christmas to many kids? The gifts! We distribute gifts to our friends and families. Sometimes we give out mithai to families, or other useful items. A common gift to give is a “murti.” A murti can come in any form, but they typically refer to statutes or idols of a god or person in Indian culture. 

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