Gorgeous Gifts 4

by Brunswick’s Baskets Galore

Growing up, Deb Wasylko was always in tune with her artistic abilities. As a teenager, she sold her crafts to her schoolmates, and a passion was sparked. 

“I didn’t initially follow my passion because in the 70’s when it was time to pick a career,” says Wasylko. “We were told it would be hard to make a career by being an artist or pursuing anything in the creative field. So instead, I selected a career in the medical/engineering area. When my company want to relocate me and my family from Brunswick to Tarrytown, New York, I decided to re-engineer my life by combining all the things I loved: making people feel special and nurtured, solving problems (engineer), design (my passion as a child) and quality. I’ve always was a freak about workmanship and details.”

Thus, her corporate gifting company Baskets Galore was born, and, armed with her sharp wit and creative instinct, she nurtured the company into a truly magical entity. While they once sold just baskets, Wasylko and her team now provide small grab n’ go gifts for consumers, which are perfect for any and every occasion. And, Wasylko explains, gifting plays an important role in the business world. 

“We provide gifts to the corporate sector such as small gifts for sales people and Human Resources to appreciate, retain and engage clients/employees. Relationships are everything in business.”

To make relationships especially strong, custom branded ribbon helps personalize gifts and add a dramatic flair. But it does not always take something so vibrant to make an impression, Wasylko explains. 

“Touch gifts are my favorite. These are small treats and candy boxes that start at $4 that consumers and professionals can use to make people feel appreciated and cared for. They allow you to spread joy, enhance connections, and make people feel special. In a world that is moving so quickly with so much information overload, it is important to get back to the basics, to people and building relationships. What can be easier than giving a simple, heart felt gift?”

This season is all about giving, and Wasylko has ingeniously engineered a way to give back to the community while simultaneously giving to your loved ones. 

“I wanted to find a way to give back to the small businesses that work so hard in Medina County by using their products and also to find a sustainable way to give to Blue Coats of Medina County; a Board I serve on. Baskets Galore wanted to raise awareness of all the men and women that keep us safe in Medina county—so safe that we don’t even have to think or worry about it. We are all blessed because of our safety forces. The gift is a simple way to give back to many. Ideas are only ideas unless we implement them. We are a small company, but even a small company can do good; just like one person can make a difference with the purchase of a simple gift.”

Featuring Wasylko’s patented 360 Packaging System and a bunch of local goodies, these charming gifts feature local brands such as the American Classic Snack Company, McJak Candy, Just Mike’s Jerky, AI Root Candle, Island Delights, and Medina Creative Living. Not only does it feature local delights, but it benefits Bluecoats of Medina County, Inc., an organization that provides financial assistance to the families of safety personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

No matter your budget, Baskets Galore can help you give the perfect special gift while creating a memorable experience. When asked if the BG storefront would feature grab n’ go gifts, Wasylko declared, “Just try and stop us!”

The easy-peasy grab n’ go goodies range from $5 and up, designed so that everyone can afford to give fabulous gourmet gifts. Custom gifts can be made for those with special dietary needs, and the delicacies that lie therein are unbelievably delectable. 

“People can tell when you purchased something mass produced or took the time to send them something special and unique,” says Wasylko. “Choose a gift with special touches like personalized ribbon or a keepsake that they can enjoy and think of you. Be adventurous, and make this Christmas special.”

For more information on Baskets Galore or to place an order, swing by BasketsGaloreGifts.com.