Homestead Furniture 12

Northeast Ohio is overflowing with remarkable attractions, but one would not typically expect to find an Amish-owned furniture store to be on that list. And yet, Homestead Furniture­ tops it, as this one remarkable shop is redefining an industry.

“Amish built furniture is known to be traditional, typically made of blonde oak, and of durable, high quality,” says Codi Mast, who acts as a Marketing and Event Coordinator for Homestead Furniture & The Gardens at Homestead. “We are known for our construction techniques, craftsmanship, and attention to detail… but we’re not known to be trendy or stylish. At Homestead Furniture, we’re combating that myth.”

Not only does Homestead offer Amish-made furniture that is trendy, stylish, refined, and on scale, but they also treat customers to an incredible experience. Serving the community as more than just a store, Homestead offers visitors an experience that could easily become an unforgettable day trip.

“We have a goal to do a bit of everything,” says Mast. “If someone comes here, they can have a complete experience. Someone can take a factory tour, learn our history, and then they can witness their own furniture being made. There is a catwalk that will bring you right over the craftsman in our factory. After you have visited the shop, relax in the gardens. You can bring a picnic and watch the waterfall cascade, or you can relax in the shade of the pavilion. The grounds are beautiful, and you will see why so many select The Gardens at Homestead to host weddings and other intimate events.”

No matter the type of furniture—bedroom, office, living, or dining—Homestead offers selections that will cater to your personal style. There is truly nothing that rivals the durability of Amish craftsmanship, but when you introduce that quality to innovation and artistry, you create something special that could easily become an heirloom for this generation and the next. Three floors of beautiful furniture collectively create a 27,000 square-foot showroom that will bring out your passion for home design. With furniture and décor to complement every personality and style, you are sure to fall in love with the incredible collection at Homestead Furniture. With an impressive selection of hardwoods, upholstery, outdoor furniture, mattresses, and accessories, it is safe to say that you’ve found your home design headquarters.

Combine all of this with regular events like Food Truck Fridays, Hot Dog Topping Bars, and Strawberry Pie Socials, and you will find a store that is redefining the furniture industry. It is truly no surprise that an innovative team like the one at Homestead is behind this masterpiece, as the brand itself has an unusual history.

“It all started in a chicken coop,” explains Mast. “That is where we first started selling furniture. It was located behind the Lone Star Quilt Store in Mount Hope, in the heart of Amish Country. Back then, most of the furniture was made in the Carolinas, and custom pieces were ordered through local cabinetry shops.”

The quaint business soon grew and flourished around its community. Now, the majority of the hardwood furniture is built on -location or within 30 miles of the factory. Within their impressive showroom, you will not only encounter locally hand-crafted furniture, but also some of America’s most legendary furniture brands, including Stanford, a custom upholstery designer line.

When it comes to building furniture, Homestead Furniture prides themselves on an advanced ability to bring your dreams to life. With a selection of over 1600 colors (and coupled with the constant development of new colors), creating custom hardwood pieces is a breeze. Since you will be selecting the species, size, color, style and hardware, designs are brought to life with incredible accuracy.

“If you inherit a bedroom set, for example, we have an expert that will match its exact pigment,” explains Mast. “If you wish to create a new matching nightstand, we can easily do that. We work in a lot of styles, so go ahead and dream of custom pieces in the rustic, traditional, transitional, or modern styles.”

Hardwoods effortlessly combine durability, craftsmanship, and cutting edge styles, but the possibilities don’t end there. Stanford can bring your custom upholstery to life as well, providing you the opportunity to bring your dream space to life.

“I adore the simplistic pieces with hand-drawn relief carvings on the front,” confides Mast. “There is one piece in particular that I am in love with. Somewhere here, your perfect piece is also awaiting discovery or design.”

Furniture shopping is no longer a chore, as Homestead Furniture is redefining the industry. The top-notch design team at the store is available to help answer any design or color questions that may come up. A visit provides not only an incredible experience, but an escape into the stunning Amish countryside. For 27 years, Homestead Furniture has served the Northeast Ohio community. Now, it’s your turn to experience all they have to offer.

Homestead Furniture is located at 8233 SR 241, Mount Hope. Open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Homestead is ready to bring your dream designs to life. For more information, call 866.674.4902 or visit