Chippewa Stone

Long gone are the days where granite countertops were a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. Now, it is one of many affordable options available to Northeast Ohioans, and the Grubers wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Granite is a really special stone,” says Courtney Gruber, who owns and operates Chippewa Stone with her husband Oskar. “It can last forever, if you don’t grow tired of the color or design.”

In fact, the stone already has lasted millenia, and each individual piece is a work of art.

“When you purchase granite, you’re buying a 300 million year old rock,” laughs Gruber. “Granite is timeless, beautiful, and superior in terms of durability.”

Granite is one of many stone products offered by this family-operated business: quartz, marble, travertine, and onyx also glimmer in their indoor warehouse, waiting to grace your home environment with their splendor. Man-made products, such as laminate and Corian, are also available.

“Our stone work is done by hand,” explains Gruber. “We work to provide a personalized touch, and our old-fashioned approach to countertop design continues to fuel our passion. We roll out a red carpet for our customers, and we are here to guide them through the design process. Chippewa Stone is all about product quality, customer service, and bringing your dreams to life.”

The Gruber family got their start in home remodeling, but after observing the demand for granite they found a desire to offer a product more than just a service. Today, they continue to offer a variety of superb products at prices that you have to see to believe.

“With granite, the price point has stabilized,” she explains. “The demand is high, so larger quantities of stone are being brought over in a smarter fashion. I find that many customers come in expecting that granite is less affordable, but when we show them remnants, many are surprised to learn that using remnants is even an option.”

“That 300 million year old rock,” she continues, “has formed in a unique way, so each part has the potential to look different. Your neighbor can buy the same type of stone and it may look completely different than your countertop. It has a lot of personality.”

Quality workmanship and professionalism ensure that countertop or bathroom renovations are everything you ever dreamed. In the showroom, pictures, vignettes, and samples are available to demonstrate how certain color schemes and material combinations may look, and the indoor stone yard lets you view stones that add personality and a superior finish to your home.

“The stone is simply the icing on the cake,” she says. “When you find that perfect piece of stone, you see the look on their face and the happiness is infectious. The hunt is the best part of what we do.”

The holidays and a new year are just around the corner, and if you are stressing about redesigning your personal space… well, don’t stress! The staff at Chippewa Stone will get to know your style preference and price point, and their personalized approach ensures that choosing the perfect natural stone countertop is a breeze.

“Our hands-on approach is personal, which helps you bring your dreams to life.”

To begin making your dreams a reality, stop in to the Chippewa Stone showroom and warehouse at 4930 Chippewa Road, Medina. For more information, call 440.238.4007 or visit