Changing the Season with Color

Fall Solstice:  The changing of seasons from summer to fall. Days are getting shorter, and evenings are growing cooler. The beauty of the seasonal shift can be reflected in your home through the employment of a few simple color techniques. Colors become brighter with Fall while our houses grow quieter, a combination that creates feelings of warmth, beauty, and calmness in our homes.

There are two color palettes that I feel that will help you in flawlessly executing your seasonal decorating. As a professional Interior Designer, I like to incorporate colors that can flow seamlessly from one season into the next. This offers a softer transition between seasons , and by overlapping colors we add more life and longevity to both seasons’ decor.

Fern and moss green add a fresh take on the common color wave of fall browns and oranges. For instance, the lush greens of summer succulents interact well with the leaves and branches of Fall. A simple way to incorporate this is by using them in centerpieces and floral arrangements throughout your home. It is important to also layer in different textures with in these colors to help create interest and contrast.

Purples, such as eggplant or shades of berry, add a pop of freshness to the traditional fall color scheme. Shades of purple allow the seasonal browns and oranges to project a safe warm glow to a room. On their own, the autumnal browns and oranges would have appeared cold or harsh. Now with the pop of purple and berry colors the browns add the comfort and warmth that the season makes us crave. For Halloween, consider substituting purple or eggplant for the traditional black color. This brightens up the hallowed days of fall with with a fun pop of color.

Now layer fun accessories on top of those color palettes to help celebrate the season throughout the rest of your home. Gourds and pumpkins along with tree branches create a fresh outdoor feel inside your home. Heavy textures of afghans and throws will also add a desirable layer of warmth.

As we move deeper into autumn, fall sunsets cast beautifully warm hues throughout our homes. Candle light and soft textures of macrame and fur pillows add a wonderful contrast to the bright yellow-orange sunset. Cuddle up with a good book by a fire inside surrounded by the softness of pillows. By creating a warm and comfortable environment, we simulate the illusion of a hug.

Long gone are the hot, humid, sun-baked months of swimming and patio games. Now, we are surrounded by to bonfires, apple picking, and the sweet aroma of cider. Remember, the color palettes for this season are also transitional, combining some of the succulent greens of fern and moss of late summer with tree limbs and gourds in an array of bright orange, summery yellow, and creamy white. Incorporating these colors together give us a longer growing season and provides freshness to a season that can easily grow dark and dull.

The next phase of this season is what is commonly refer to as the Holidays, a time which includes Thanksgiving. At this point, we can add the bright golds, coppers, and other metallics amongst touches of black or espresso to glam up for the Holiday Season.

Following Halloween is the glamorous reemergence of the glittery Holiday Season that is soon to come. Those same purples, blacks, golds, and coppers can add a festive experience to the traditional fall color base.

I hope you have enjoyed our color journey and have seen how simple it is to add new life to your existing color themes making our homes an oasis of comfort and security. Happy decorating, and enjoy changing the season with color!