Passion For Fashion 2

Lularoe provides comfortable fashion choices for the modern woman. The clothes are colorful, chic, and empowering.

“I am 26, single, and I recently quit my other jobs to pursue Lularoe full time,” explains Lularoe Fashion Retailer Amanda Violi. “Lularoe provides stylish pieces that will complement a large range of shapes and sizes. The company actually collects pictures from their retailers, not through models or fashion photographers, so they have built their image through empowering women to feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Lularoe provides looks for women sizes XXS to 3XL, creating fashionable choices that flatter an impressive range of shapes, sizes, and personalities. For many women, finding something in a store that flatters them without breaking the bank can be a challenge, but Lularoe introduces women to beautiful fashions while simultaneously introducing them to each other.

“There are several ways that one can experience Lularoe,” explains Violi. “Ladies can host in-home pop up boutique parties, where they can earn free clothes by introducing the brand to their friends. They simply reach out to me and tell me when they want a party. It’s that easy! They can also come and shop at my in-home boutique. It is a private, one-on-one experience in a cozy space. Or, they can shop online.”

Like many Lularoe Retailers, Violi was introduced to the brand through a former coworker.

“I actually got introduced to it through a girl that was wearing LuLaRoe in the office,” she explains. “She told me all about the company’s dedication to cute and comfortable clothes and providing work-from-home opportunities. It was in the back of my mind. I was serving and doing real estate at the time, and it wasn’t my passion.”

Violi explains that she went to school for fashion design, but as she couldn’t find the work-life-school balance, life simply got in the way.

“When I wanted to design my own looks, I wanted my models to be normal, everyday people. I have always had a passion for fashion, and then when my grandfather got sick, I started reevaluating where my life was at and decided that it was time to do something that makes me happy. Now, I help women feel comfortable and look beautiful.”

Violi adores the friendly environment that Lularoe has built. It allows her to meet people and interact with them to cater to their personal style.

“There are so many looks that the clothing can create,” she explains. “Lularoe caters to personal style while maintaining comfort.”

With Lularoe, there is a lot to love. There are many ways to find out what all the hullabaloo is about! Connect with Amanda Violi at, or call 216.701.9155 to plan your party or boutique visit.