Party 'N With Plants 5

Party’n With Plants is bringing style to homes everywhere—all it takes is a dollop of pixie dust.

Party’n With Plants has spent the past year and a half beautifying and unifying Northeast Ohio through the use of fairy gardens. Fairy gardens are enchanting scenes built around a miniature and a succulent in a small container, and they are spectacularly magical. I sat down with the owner and founder, Nicole Pearch, to learn about this mystical craze.

Lifestyle: How did Party’n With Plants get its start? 

Pearch: I’ve always loved fairy gardens and miniatures. I used to sit at home and make things by myself at the kitchen table. It got super boring. So one day I wondered if there were other crazy ladies out there who wanted to do it, and I decided to build a business around it. Turns out, the instructional style we decided to use works well for all ages. In the last year and a half that we’ve been in business, I’ve had over 3,000 people make fairy gardens with me, using an estimated 7,000 succulents.

How many different designs do you offer?
That’s the awesome part! You can make whatever you want. A typical event consists of, say, 30 people. We bring the supplies, I do a short presentation to explain what a fairy garden is and how to make one, and then my guests start getting creative. If there are 30 people, there are 30 different gardens.

That’s amazing! Are there any public events coming up where people can try their hand at creating a fairy garden?
I actually have a very big event right around the corner! We are hosting our first ever Fairy Festival at the Lodi Station Outlet Mall. This event is geared around families and kids. They get to come to participate in seven stations, one of which helps them make their own fairy garden. We’re taking over a 3,000 square foot storefront as well as some outdoor space, and we’re aiming to set the world record for most outdoor fairy houses built. There is not yet a world record, so we’re going to be setting the bar pretty high. The event takes place September 16, and tickets can be purchased via

What kind of feedback have you received so far?
It’s been amazing! I hear a lot of people say, “Well, I kill plants.” So I’ve come up with a plan to combat that. We use succulents, which are hardy plants that require little maintenance. The containers are small, but they make a statement. I always have new miniatures, so a lot of people like to come to multiple events and host parties. You always get something new!

What’s the best part of your job?
Definitely seeing the joy on peoples’ faces when they realize that they can get creative and design a fairy garden! Most people I meet have never made one, so it is exciting to help people express their creativity. Anybody can do it, and I love creating a fun space to socialize.

How can people get involved?
There are a few ways to reach me! I can be reached via email at, or you can call me at 330.304.2885. For more information, swing by