Creatively Tagged Makes Fashion Fun

Creatively Tagged Boutique, located in Downtown Wadsworth, is the perfect destination for fashionistas of all ages. Both men and women will adore the selection of upscale goods, clothes, and household accessories. And, you will love the cause it supports: Creatively Tagged Boutique, through Medina Creative Housing, offers vocational opportunities to students and other individuals with disabilities.

“Creatively Tagged Boutique is an upscale resale shop where the community supports Medina Creative Housing by donating items that are still tagged or only gently used,” says Dianne DePasquale-Hagerty, CEO of Medina Creative Housing. “Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing line the racks, and clothes, purses, jewelry, and household furniture adorn the store.”

At this upscale boutique, which is located in an enchantingly vintage milieu, you will enjoy an experience unlike any other. While you shop, you are helping members of the community gain vocational skills. Medina Creative Housing has a total of 11 different vocational training businesses across the community. Creatively Tagged is just one of those, and it was developed to create a retail opportunity that would enhance the community and create an upbeat vocational opportunity for the individuals served by Medina Creative Housing.

“We have been embraced by the Wadsworth community,” she explains. “Creatively Tagged employs six or seven people, giving them the opportunity to earn an income, build skills, and give back to the community.”

Coffee is one of the many items sold within the store, featuring the divine flavors of Medina Creative Living Coffee. When guests arrive at the store, they will be greeted with a complimentary freshly brewed cup.

“The employees serve our guests coffee, so they work on their retail skills as well as social skills. Social skills are so important in the population we serve. That coffee provides a bridge for developing those skills. Someone may come in and go directly to the racks where they will not be interacting directly with our workers, but when an employee greets them and then offers a cup of coffee, it provides an outlet to further develop those social skills and to foster communication. It’s not just another item we sell; we employ individuals with disabilities to roast and distribute the coffee, so the benefits of drinking it are truly remarkable.”

“Since you are welcomed with a warm cup of coffee and a friendly demeanor, the experience is unforgettable,” explains Tim Hagerty, who oversees business development of Medina Creative Living Coffee. “Creatively Tagged Boutique is also a regular presence at the Wadsworth Farmers Market, where coffee is served and produce via Medina Creative Produce is available to purchase.”

Coffee is a medium through which Medina Creative Housing has grown closer to its community. It enhances their cause and engages the community in a new way. So, too, is the boutique, which makes a flawless addition to the Downtown Wadsworth district.

“The amazing thing about the boutique is that you never know what you will find,” explains DePasquale-Hagerty. “Whether you are looking for a cute top or a dress or suit for a special occasion, there are options that cater to every personal style. Accessories like purses and jewelry are available to complete your outfit, too. The perk of thrifting is that you can cater to your personal style and find a piece of clothing that is totally unique and, of course, you save a bit while doing it!”

Earlier this year, Creatively Tagged Boutique partnered with Liberty Residence to bring Creatively Tagged fashions to the runway. Liberty Residence was a partner to Medina Creative Housing through Creative Living Coffee, which they serve to their residents. Through the fashion show, six members of the Medina Creative Housing community and five Liberty Residents models showed off hand-selected Creatively Tagged outfits, effectively demonstrating that style is ageless.

“Creatively Tagged is also working on opening a shoe shine stand inside the store,” says Hagerty. “As soon as we find the perfect chair, it will be a fantastic addition to the store. Our guests can come in, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and get their shoes shined. Men especially will appreciate the opportunity to get their shoes spruced up locally, and in no time a trip to Creatively Tagged Boutique will become a regular part of your routine.”

The interior of the store is as charming as the Downtown district. The walls are lovely antique bricks, the décor is chic, and the overall personality of the store is endlessly fun.

“It is, quite simply put, a really cool place,” explains Hagerty. “With pieces that complement every individual’s style, you’ll find something to love. And the cause it supports will only make you love it more.”

Creatively Tagged Boutique is located at 122 Main Street, Wadsworth. For hours and additional information, visit