Whimsical Wadsworth Brews 2

“We have lived here for 18 years, and we are in love with the quaintness of the community,” says Ericha Joy, who owns Wadsworth Brewing Company with her husband, Ernie. “We aimed to create a small, comfortable brewery where people could enjoy a beer or two and play games.”

Downtown Wadsworth is a small Victorian economic district, not unlike Medina Square. The region thrives off of its historic influence, from the tradition of maintaining a tightly-knit community to the emphasized antique architecture that so vividly characterizes the city. WBC embraces that influence, and they mix it with a cooky yet casual atmosphere to create one of the most unbeatable craft brewery experiences in Northeast Ohio.

“One of the cool thing about small breweries is that they always offer something new to try,” explains Joy. “When we opened, it was a goal to offer classics as well as to do something different with beer.”

To say they have accomplished “something different” is an understatement, as they have truly created something spectacular. The interior of the brewery is warm and welcoming, but so, too, is the patio. With lights streamed over the outdoor seating and the contagious community atmosphere of the downtown area, the scenery is easy to fall in love with. But the flavors of their brews will keep you coming back.

“We have experimented with Blonde Ales, for example,” she says. “Introducing apples and apple pie spice creates a mouthwatering flavor combination that is especially delicious as a float. 
Another fantastic float is our Chocolate Raspberry Milk Stout, which, when paired with vanilla bean ice cream, is truly irresistible.”

Each month, between 8 to 12 exciting beers are available on tap, featuring enchanting names such as the Bluetip Blueberry Ale and The River Styx Monster. The creative atmosphere doesn’t stop there, though.

Being a family-owned brewery in a tight-knit community, the Joys place special emphasis upon creating an atmosphere that is great for family and friends alike.

“Children are always welcome. We want Wadsworth to be a walkable city, where families can spend a day on the town and then stop by to relax and play games with their kids. For the youngsters, we offer complimentary popcorn served in melted records shaped into bowls. They can get a soda, pick their favorite game, and hang out with their family. It’s a multi-generational destination, just like Downtown Wadsworth.”

True to their brand, one of the Joys is always on-site, whether it is Ericha, Ernie, or their son, Liam. The family places emphasis upon the whimsical, and their plans for expansion have their fans unable to contain their excitement.

“We recently expanded to include a kitchen, and we hope to soon feature wine on-tap as well. Then, our desire is to keep the momentum going. We would like to incorporate a back porch where we can host entertainment such as trivia nights, or maybe even show an old-timey movie. We are still only within our first year of business, but we are very excited for what the future holds.”

The Wadsworth Brewing Company is located at 126 Main Street. For hours and events, check out WadsworthBrewingCompany.com.