August 2017 Lifestyle Letter

As we enter late summer, it becomes evident that, sometimes, you just gotta kick back and enjoy a beer. After all, the days are getting shorter, and fall begins next month. While it is still warm and the scents of flowers still perfume the air, you might as well take advantage of a citrusy pale ale that tastes just like sunshine.

Another fantastic way to enjoy the remnants of summer is via a trip to a local vineyard. Many such places speckle the Northeast Ohio landscape, endowing it with an enchanting aura befitting a fairy tale. Some vineyards have tasting rooms, and one even has goats that you can feed and interact with. What may surprise you is just how close to home these dreamy destinations are.

With the warm summer days coming to an end and the looming threat of winter ahead, let’s raise a glass and toast to the flavors of the season.

As always, keep in touch.