Coffee as a Lifestyle 1

with Creative 
Living Coffee

Coffee, it seems, is a powerful beverage. It has the power to make a busy morning tolerable, to foster friendships with its warmth, and to shape a community. It also has the power to fuel an adventure, as demonstrated this month by one very special event.

“Have you thought about all the ways coffee affects peoples’ lives?” asks Tim Hagerty, who oversees business development of Medina Creative Living Coffee, which offers vocational opportunities to students and other individuals with disabilities. “I want people to think about this beverage we are already drinking daily, and ask themselves, can I touch and improve people’s lives locally, around the world, and throughout the life stages, simply by drinking coffee?” Are there ways to do this just by choosing who is roasting your coffee?

The answer, it seems, is a resounding yes, there are definitely ways to do all of those things when you when you enjoy Creative Living Coffee.

A few weeks ago, Medina Creative Housing’s upscale resale shop Creatively Tagged Boutique (which, like Creative Living Coffee, offers vocational opportunities for individuals with disabilities) hosted a Mother’s Day Fashion Show in Liberty Residence. The models of the show were both the boutique’s staff members and Liberty residents. The crowd, which consisted mostly of members of the assisted living community at Liberty Residence, was ecstatic, entertained throughout the whole show. When one model in particular—a young man who worked in Creatively Tagged—took the stage, he had the crowd roaring with excitement at his dramatic poses. The woman who sat nearest me had been a perfect stranger upon my arrival, but when he returned to the stage she squeezed my forearm and said, “Ooh, here comes the cute one!”

The entire event, I would come to find, had been orchestrated by the flavors of Creative Living Coffee.

“Wadsworth, in November last year, had a catering event that featured Wadsworth-area businesses,” explains Hagerty. “The Chef from Liberty met me there, sampled our coffee, and loved it. Now we’re their coffee provider. We had a taste testing where we had the residents choose what they liked the best. For me, what developed is I started thinking more about how much coffee affects residents in senior assisted living programs. At a time in life when everything is decided for you, it’s refreshing to have the opportunity to make a choice. And, after seeing the success of the fashion show, I am especially confident that it is a great partnership.”

This month, Creative Living Coffee has taken to the road for adventure. On July 3, Medina Creative Housing always hosts an Independence Walk to demonstrate their united effort of working together to help individuals with disabilities face and successfully overcome obstacles, such as living independently. But this year, something brand new and exciting will take place beforehand.

“The Heartland Riders are hosting a Poker Run,” he explains. “Along their route, they will stop at Rock-n-Roll City Harley-Davidson,  Rubber City Harley-Davidson, Stinger Harley-Davidson, a pit stop at Quaker Steak and Lube in Medina, and from there on to Medina Creative Housing. At each location, they will enjoy a different coffee. All  proceeds will benefit Medina Creative Housing and their Resident Enrichment Program.”

“The Resident Enrichment Program is a program that provides nightly activities that enrich the life of our residents and people in our program,” says Dianne DePasquale-Hagerty, CEO of Medina Creative Housing. “It is the social fabric of our community—picnics, bonfires, everything from community meals to Wii bowling leagues and movie nights. Some nights we go out in the community to different events like baseball or basketball games. We also have individuals and groups that come in and do activities like karaoke night or game night, and we had a group that did quilting with the residents, and that was really neat. These activities are an outlet that allows the people we serve to develop friendships and interact in different settings. It enriches their lives while simultaneously enriching our community.”

It seems that Creative Living Coffee is a catalyst for adventure, with a little bit to love in every cup. To enjoy and purchase some gourmet coffee, stop by Books & Brew in the Brunswick Library, Creative Cafe at Lodi Hospital, the Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings, or swing by Medina Creative Housing at 232 North Court Street. Stay tuned for the results of the Poker Run, and for future Coffee as a Lifestyle stories.