Brunswick's Largest Man Cave: Havana's Choice Cigars 3

“We consider ourself Brunswick’s Largest Man Cave,” says Don Raimondo of Havana’s Choice Cigar. The lounge, located on the northern end of Brunswick off of Pearl Road, exudes all the qualities that a man cave should: comfort, camaraderie, and, of course, cigars.

“I started Havana’s Choice Cigar four years ago with Ron Corsi because, well, we both love cigars,” explains Raimondo. “Ron has a great understanding of the whole cigar-making process, and we really loved the idea of creating our own blends.”

Corsi and Raimondo originally offered their unique blends to golf courses, but as people fell in love with their abundant flavors, they saw a need to expand. After just a few months in the cigar business, the first Havana’s Choice Cigar lounge opened in Twinsberg. The cigar aficionados then opened the Brunswick location nearly two years ago, and it was an instant hit.

“We think we are different than the traditional cigar lounge,” explains Raimondo. “We have a large variety of cigar products and miscellaneous cutters, lighters, and humidors. But, we go one step beyond that by holding your comfort in high esteem. To us, customer service means offering help or allowing you to peruse on your own, it means making sure the right channel is on the television and that you are comfortable. We make sure your needs are met so that you can relax and enjoy the environment.”

The environment is certainly notable—the air is rich with the sharp and earthy scent of cigar smoke, the oversized chairs are covered in warm-tone leather, and the cherry oak-framed windows offer a glimpse at a thickly wooded landscape. The lounge is encircled by a patio, which offers tables, television, shade, and socialization.

“We’re constantly cooking something out on the patio,” says Raimondo. “We have special event nights. One was a wild game night where we grilled a number of different wild game, and one was a deep fried perch night. People like to bring a bottle of wine or a 6-pack to eat, relax, and smoke.”

Raimondo insists that once you stop in, you’ll keep coming back.

“Stop by to visit, watch a Tribe game or Cavs game, and enjoy yourself. You’ll be surprised by how great it is to meet people here—we have great clientele, they are all the nicest people around. Plus, our in-house cigar experts, such as Mike Fairbanks, are a wealth of information.”

In recent years, a cigar craze reminiscent of decades past has once again made a wide variety of cigars available to the public, but nothing beats freshly-rolled cigars in a rich, cozy atmosphere where you can kick back and relax. Stop by, pick up a Havana’s Choice Cigar Maduro 6X60 House Blend, take in its flavor and the aroma and feel of the atmosphere, and, before you even leave, you’ll be planning your next visit.

Havana’s Choice Cigar is located at 170 Pearl Road, Brunswick, and 8027 Darrow Road, Twinsberg. For hours and specials, visit them at