Baldwin Wallace Student String Camp Offered in June

Music has many benefits in life that help your body and mind. That is why, in Brunswick, orchestra students practice playing music every day. They even have the opportunity to practice music outside of school.

Orchestra students from grades four to nine with a minimum of four months of playing experience also have the opportunity to go to String Camp. String Camp is an orchestra-based camp that takes place at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio from Saturday, June 17 through Thursday, June 22.

On the first day of camp, students audition and are placed in one of five orchestras based on ability. Rebecca Barko, the orchestra teacher and Visintainer and Edwards Middle Schools mentioned, “This is an amazing experience for the young string players and can really help them improve their string playing and really motivate them to excel on their instrument.”

During their time in String Camp, students are able to participate in many social activities as well such as a dance night and movie night. They even get to visit Swings-n-Things Family Fun Park. Students can choose to be either resident campers, meaning they stay in campus residences halls overnight, or they can be a commuter camper and they can go home to their families every night. All students are provided with lunch, snack, and dinner. Residents are provided with breakfast as well.

During the six days of String Camp, the students work hard to learn all their songs for the final string concert on Thursday, June 22.

Music has impacted many lives and it will continue to help people who do not underestimate the power of music. In the words of professional musician Jess Bowen, “Music can change lives. Whether you are having a good or bad day, the power of music can change one’s mood.”

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