A Month of Celebration

It’s June, and a lot of exciting things are happening this month. Spring is in the air now, but pretty soon we will be celebrating the longest day of the year on the first day of summer. The first week of June is Fishing Week, and, interestingly, it is also National Gardening Week. Best Friends Day is June 8, and Father’s Day is June 18. With so many exciting things happening at the same time, we decided to package them up in one fascinating issue that celebrates the role our father figures play in our lives.

We spoke with the team at Peters Landscaping to discuss revitalizing your landscape during National Gardening Week, hung out with our own local cigar connoisseur at Brunswick’s largest mancave, and even met with the experts at Tailored Living to discuss maximizing your own space to turn a garage into your very own mancave or workshop. And, between meeting with those experts, we also uncovered the best fishing spots in the county and learned about the best summer beers to help you find a new favorite brew this season. The best part is that you, too, can do all these things with your dad without even leaving the county!

As always, we are inspired by community. Keep in touch!