Painting With a Twist 9

Whether you are throwing a wedding shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just want to have some fun in an upbeat, social environment, Painting With a Twist Akron offers an experience unlike any other.

“It’s an experience for both people that like to paint and those who have never painted,” explains Owner Jean Kelly. “When you come in, one of my artists will walk you through creating a beautiful painting from start to finish. You’ll leave with a unique, finished painting, and you’ll have a great time making it.”

Kelly first discovered Painting With a Twist after she attended a painting class in the basement of a shopping center. Though a crafty person, she had never considered herself to be much of an artist. To her amazement, she had a fantastic time in the class, but she was taken aback by the location and the cost of drinks.

“That’s when I found out what Painting With a Twist had to offer,” she explains.

The company was founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, though it was not even originally intended to be a company. In the wake of the natural disaster, a group of friends met in a barn. Armed with wine and painting supplies, they were determined to have a good time while distracting themselves from the damage that resulted from the storm. The painting party was a hit, and the project soon grew into Painting With a Twist. Now there are over 300 studios nationwide, all of which allow guests the opportunity to bring their own snacks and drinks and are dedicated to providing a fun and positive experience.

“I have a small team of 7 artists,” says Kelly. “But, as a whole, our company employs the largest amount of artists in the country, next to public school systems.”

Intruiged, I had to experience a class first-hand. As a lifelong Claude Monet fan, I enrolled in a class that offered me the opportunity to learn to paint Monet’s Red Bridge.

Upon arrival, I found myself surrounded by roughly 15 other women. With the encouragment of a cooky Art Instructor who introduced herself as Terry Potter, we all mingled, familiarized ourselves with our brushes and palette, and then took to creating masterful works of art.

Energetic, boisterous, and endlessly entertaining, the magical Miss Potter managed to have the group laughing throughout nearly the entire period of instruction. She was elevated upon a small, central stage, and a camera projected a closeup of her canvas onto a television on either side of the room so that the entire group had a clear view of her technique. As she walked us through the painting process step-by-step, each individual painting looked equal parts beautiful and unique. No two paintings were alike, and some attendees even found in themselves a previously undiscovered knack for art.

“If you get stressed, it’s okay to wine a little,” she chirped, which produced a chuckle from the attendees. “Just be sure to keep your paintbrushes out of your wine cups!”

Painting With a Twist classes are interactive and will keep you on the edge of your seat while keeping you focused and efficient in your artistic endeavor. The end product will be both a memorable night and a painting you will love to show off!

Painting With a Twist Akron is located in Fairlawn at 2890 C Sand Run Parkway. To view paintings offered at upcoming events or to book your own event, visit Keep on the lookout for monthly Painting With a Purpose events, where Painting With A Twist partners with local 501(c)3 to better the community.