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You have dreamed of this day since you have been a little girl. Up until now, it has been only a fairy tale. It should be romantic, exciting, relaxing, and an unforgettable experience, which is why it is always best to work with a travel expert to help your dreams become reality.

Cynthia Hansen, owner and Executive Travel Director at Red Travel in Medina, is in the business of helping honeymooners maximize their experience. She and her team of agents have toured hundreds of resorts throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. They also have first hand experiences in Hawaii, Europe, Alaska, French Polynesia and more.

“We are different than most travel agencies. We don’t just book travel, it’s about what we stand for,” she explains. “We stand proudly behind our brand and core values which include a love of travel, a passionate client focus, and our desire to create a ‘WOW’ vacation memory for all of our clients.”

When a soon-to-be wedded couple comes into their office, the Red team wants the planning to be as exciting as the actual honeymoon itself.  While sipping a latte or glass of champagne, they become familiar with the clients idea of a dream honeymoon. Getting to know their personalities, likes and dislikes, and budget will help to match them up to the right destination/resort to maximize their experience.

“We get to know each of our couples to understand what will work best for their honeymoon, because destinations and resorts will offer a variety of options that may or may not be best for the client. For example, some couples may prefer lively over quiet. Or they may prefer the shade to the sun.  It may sound silly, but the smallest inconvenience can impact the overall WOW factor of their honeymoon. For that reason, we may tell clients that we don’t feel comfortable booking destinations or resorts that we are not familiar with or don’t meet our standards,” says Hansen.

When it comes to choosing a destination, Cynthia sees a great deal of interest in the Caribbean and Mexico, where the majority of all-inclusive resorts reside.  All-inclusive resorts offer the best value and some have incredible honeymoon packages. 
Europe, French Polynesia, Hawaii and even South America are fairly popular as well for those couples that are looking for something different. The team at Red Travel have first-hand experiences in most of these destinations.

“It takes a lot of time to truly create that wow-factor,” says Hansen. “All-inclusive resorts are by far the best value, and different components come with different packages. So, before you even begin considering a honeymoon, you should consider your price point. When it comes to an experience, you get what you pay for. Booking online or through a resort may seem like a good option, but it presents opportunity for components that make your honeymoon memorable to be left out, forgotten, or unacknowledged. We don’t charge for our services, and we are trained directly by the travel suppliers. With our connections and familiarity with our suppliers and resorts sometimes we can even secure the little extras for our clients they wouldn’t have normally received.”

“We want the experience to begin at the planning stage, not during the trip,” she continues. “Our honeymoon couples get the VIP treatment when they visit our office. We have champagne, we watch videos, and we get them excited about their upcoming getaway. We want to put all the components of the trip together from the time they leave until they return home. Honeymooning is a very special occasion, and we want to make sure that everything is exactly as they imagined.”

And most importantly, if anything happens that could affect their clients’ experience negatively, a Red agent is always available to help. Having a Red agent on your side will help alleviate concerns. They are someone that cares. And, since they work as a team, if your agent is not available for emergency situations, another Red agent steps in to assist.

“I love being in the travel industry,” says Office Manager and Travel Agent Wendy Krizsa. “We bring our clients excitement and something to look forward to in the upcoming months.  And, most importantly, we play an integral role in creating memories that last a lifetime. One of my favorite destinations is Cabo San Lucas. The scenery is breathtaking, the weather is beautiful, there is an active nightlife as well, and the destination screams romance.  Is this destination right for everyone?  No, that is why we take great care in getting to know our clients to determine if each destination would be right for them.”

What can be more romantic than an exclusive over the water bungalow? Complete with glass bottom floors, outside showers, direct access to the ocean and butler service, bungalows can make any princess bride feel like a queen.   Up until about a year ago, these exclusive bungalows could only be found in destinations like Bora Bora, Tahiti, or Fiji.  Now they are even available in the Caribbean. And the Red agents have been there to give you their first hand experiences and determine if an over-the-water bungalow is right for you.

“I think cruises are great for younger couples that want to be more on the go and don’t necessarily want beach every day.  And if you are on a tight budget, you can even drive to some of the ports of call which even include Baltimore, which can bring your overall costs down,” adds Krizsa.

“I personally like the smaller ships or even the sail yachts for a really romantic honeymoon,” says Hansen,  “They’re more affordable than one would think and you get to visit islands where the big ships cannot go.”

If you are a more mature honeymooner, a River Cruise may be more desirable than a big ship or even an all-inclusive resort. Who wouldn’t want to cruise down famous rivers like the Danube or the Seine through picturesque Europe?!

Many couples are opting out of the traditional wedding experience and pursuing something different with a Destination Wedding. Cynthia advises that when looking at this option, be sure to use an experienced travel agency that has hosted Destination Weddings before, and can offer references. A good agent will know which resorts have the best wedding programs and packages. They should also have experience working with the wedding coordinators, creating group contracts, secure additional amenities, and based on the size of the group, know how the bride and grooms honeymoon can actually be free! Not to mention, Destination Weddings are far less expensive, offer beautiful Caribbean backdrop photos that look like they came out of a magazine. And by far, less stress than a traditional wedding will be.

Whether you are looking at a honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary trip, or even to just to get away with your loved one, Red Travel can help you maximize your vacation dollar and create a WOW vacation memory.

RED Travel is located in Medina at 754 North Court Street. To schedule an appointment, call the office at 844-RED-TRAV or email them directly at info@travelbyred.com.  Visit their website at TravelByRed.com to learn more about their agency and their team of Red Travel Specialists.