Brunswick South Students Enjoy a Variety of Sports

Visintainer Middle School and Edwards Middle School, known collectively as Brunswick South, are two schools located right next to each other in Brunswick. Yet, they have vastly different sports programs with games which students from either school can attend to support.

Intramural Volleyball is offered sixth, seventh and eighth graders. Students are placed onto teams of four to thirteen players. Only parents who have children that play on a team can come and watch the games which are held in the Edwards Gym.

Some sports offered to only seventh and eighth graders include Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country, Track and Field and Football.

Basketball games are held in the Visintainer gym about every week, depending on the schedule. The players have practice either every week or every other week until the season ends. There are two teams, boys and girls. Each team has a different game and practice schedule.

At the games, there is a concession stand that sells chips, candy, water, pop and popcorn. During the games, Brunswick South Cheerleaders give the players some support and during halftime they perform their practiced chant.

“I think the games are great, especially the basketball games. I love to watch the players bring on their best game every time there is a game,” saiys Faith Glass, an aspiring Visintainer basketball player. “I really enjoy hearing and watching the cheerleaders do their chants. It’s amazing how we get to participate in many sports in seventh and eighth grade. And one of the best things is as sixth graders we can watch and learn how to play the sports next year.”

Cross Country and Track and Field are also available for middle school students to participate in. The groups have a meet every week for Cross Country, and the athletes run in the open at parks or similar open spots. Track and Field is an indoor running group where the students participate in hurdles and races.

Layla Hasan, sixth-grade student at Visintainer, states, “Middle school sports are great for kids because it keeps everyone active, productive, fit, and it keeps everyone moving. There are also many different kinds of sports that give kids multiple choices on what they want to do.”

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