Banchee and Raskol Jewelry Designs 6

Banchee and Raskol Jewelry Designs started as a hobby to help others.

Ann Jackson, owner of the established design company, states,  “ I started making jewelry and accessory designs as I could not find any quality silent auction items for the many charities that I volunteer for.  As a result, I have been donating beautiful designs—bracelets, necklaces, purses, rings and jewelry boxes to charities in need.  I am so pleased that Banchee and Raskol Designs are helping raise  funds for organizations that are desperately seeking donations in this economy.”

Jackson continues, “Banchee and Raskol  Designs were named after my first two stray kitty cats that have now become a part of my family.” Jackson also rescues stray kitties and has proudly placed many a kitty!  She also owns a “few” kitties as well.

Each design piece has a signature cat and angel charm.  The cat charm signifies the celebration of life and the angel charm signifies love, courage, dignity and grace.  Jackson is designing these handmade pieces of  in honor of special people in her life that are now gone.  Her mom was a very special person and always took in stray cats, dogs, gerbils, mice, bunnies, turtles, and so on.  She loved animals, and no matter how sick she was, she was always there to help both animals and individuals in need.

“I am so very proud to have formed this little company in her honor.  I am following my mom’s tradition of taking in strays and helping others.  My design pieces represent handcrafted celebrations of life. Each jewelry piece comes with a card with a picture of the kitties as well as a special blessing.”

Banchee and Raskol Jewelry Designs are made with  crystal, freshwater pearls, metals and a host of other gemstones and materials.  Jackson has been involved in the fashion industry for over twenty years—and has had the prestigious position as Regional Director for Fashion Group International (FGI). As the volunteer director of  FGI, she worked with national and international fashion and jewelry designers.  Jackson taught fashion classes for over ten years at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design.  At Virginia Marti, she served as Department Chair of Merchandising as well as oversaw the Jewelry Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Merchandising Internship programs under the direction of international fashion legend Virginia Marti Veith.

Jackson was an adjunct professor at School of Fashion Design at Ursuline College under the direction of nationally acclaimed fashion author and Fashion Department Chairman Dr. Constance Korosec.  Jackson says, “I have used my fashion expertise and contacts to secure unique suppliers.”  Jackson has been a public relations consultant  here in the Ohio region for over twenty years.  For further information on Banchee and Raskol Designs—please contact Ann Jackson at 216.381.1500 or email her at